Top 12 Resume Builder Website in India: Let’s be Perfect

Top 12 Resume Builder Website in India: Resume building proves to be a big headache to many of you, we know that! And why not? After all, so much perfection is needed, as you have to grab the job, and besides that, resume building isn’t a task you do everyday!

It needs to be professional, rich, should describe your abilities, skills, education to the fullest, etc. and most importantly, look unique, so that the recruiters take interest in you.

A dull resume can actually  spoil the whole game, and kill the chances of you getting the job.

Why let that happen? Why not to make things breeze when you can actually do so? Why not to eliminate all hassle by depending on Resume building sites? There are tons of them, and those designs, templates, color schemes, etc. can open your eyes, and drop your jaw!

Top 12 Resume Builder Websites in India are:

1 Jobgrin A++ 9.8
2 ResumeNerd A+ 9.4
3 ResumeNow A+ 9.4
4 ResumeHelp A 9.2
5 Zety Resume Builder A 9.0
6 B+ 8.9
7 VisualCV A 8.8
8 ResumeLab B+ 8.7
9 Resumonk B 8.5
10 ResumeGenius B+ 8.4
11 B 8.4
12 EnhanCV B 8.2

Top 12 Resume Builder Websites in India

Here’s the ultimate list besides the overview of what you get in each website:

1. Jobgrin Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

Jobgrin is really a unique website, which is a great free resume builder site, besides being a tremendous and advantageous job portal. They’ve earned great fame as a job site recently, and we’re pretty confident to say that their new free resume builder feature will ad on a few starts more!

One you try out yourself on their resume builder, you’ll creativity is going to come out, it’s that amazing and attractive! you’ve got multiple resume templates to choose form. It feels like this website wants to bring all convenience, and to justify that, we’d like to mention a thing here. While building resume, you’ll get 10 similar job options on the basis of keyword.

Also, you get keyword notifications, which means you’ll get notified when certain job is available, matching to your preference. most importantly, free means free here, and there are no gimmicks/hidden charges to shock you. Most importantly, resume building process si pretty fast here.

We contacted them, and came to know that In upcoming time, they are also going to provide the flexibility of changing the resume’and text’s color, which will certainly make your resume appear unique and appealing. It’s surprising to see a free resume building service providing more flexibility and options then several paid ones out there. This makes Jobgrin the crown of this list.

2. ResumeNerd Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

“Say Goodbuy to Writer’s block,” says ResumeNerd! Yes, you can enter the job post, and automatically get cool recommendation for what to write in your tagline! These pre-written examples are available for hundreds of jobs. So, you don’t have to frustrate yourself by finding attractive words for your tagline!

Resume check is another attractive feature. There are total three templates formats to choose form, which include Modular, Pacific, and Centered, and all of them are amazing. these are total 8 resume templates to choose from, and all of them look professional. If you visit ResumeNerd to designa  new resume, then you’ll get step by step assistance.

Now, if you already have a resume, then ResumeNerd formats is and fills in all your info, eliminating your hassle for the same. The interface is quite simple and that’s something appreciable. There’s no fuss around, no too many clicks needed, and ResumeNerd is truly straight to the point. Yes, ResumeNerd deserves to be called the second best Resume Builder Websites in India.

3. ResumeNow Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

Are you looking for job winning resume templates? Then you should definitely visit ResumeNow, as there’s much to enjoy! They claim to look upon the things from a recruiter’s perspective, and that’s where the chances of your success increases. they actually work with the real recruiters to design the best and most professional templates for you. These resume templates format automatically.

No matter you’re including several details, still you’ll be able to design  highly convertible resume within 15 minutes. Sometimes, you feel baffled while flaunting your skills perfectly in your resume, to lay a good impression in recruiter’s eyes. ResumeNow eliminates all confusion, and assists you suggest the skills you should add. You can certainly get a interview chances with that assistance.

Besides that, you also get Cover letter templates, examples, formats, and knowledge regarding how to write a cover letter. Job listings and job resources are also available besides job descriptions, business letter and proposal letters.

So, for recruiters also, there’ enough juice. Besides several Resume templates, you also get some nice examples for the same, to eliminate your confusions while designing one for yourself. If you are looking for an interview chances without wasting much time, you can surely rely upon ResumeNow.

4. ResumeHelp Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

If you are building your resume, foreseeing perfection, then you’re really doing no good, as you’re making a resume to get a job! So, you need to not just narrate your resume perfectly, but also look upon the design and structure, to catch the recruiter’s eye. ResumeHelp assists you in the same.

Not just you save time while building yoru resume, but also they’ve provided the “Smart bullets” feature and you can convenient tap to plug-in these to your resume. For getting a job, you certainly need to standout, and so does your resume. ResumeHelp understands that well, and you enjoy helpful tips while designing the resume. That will make your resume shine in the whole pile!

Writing a resume isn’t as easy as it sounds. Much confusion and trial work in involved, which sometimes takes pretty long. you can browse ResumeHelp’s collection for industry-specific and job-title samples, and make your resume and letter writing smooth as butter. All these assitances help out in a better way than you think, and that makes ResumeHelp highly recommendable.

5. Zety Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

If you feel that resume building is stressful, confusing, daunting and a very time consuming task, then here comes Zety Resume Builder, making your work much easier. 20+ professional resume templates  are provided along with 400 color variants, and these are so amazing that you;ll get yourself busy in choosing the perfect one.

Zety says that you can be much, but you don’t have to write your resume. After typing in your basic info, you can use expert suggestions for everything else, and get a tremendous outcome. How convenient is that? optimizing your document is pretty easy here. You can Customize the feel and look by making it sleek with hardly any effort.

You’d surely love personalizing dozens of resume templates. If you design your resume with Zety Resume Builder then it will surely define your potential, and that’s what you need to impress any recruiter, and make him call you for an interview straightway. With Zety, it becomes every easy for you to tell recruiters, who you are!

6. Resumup Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

If you prefer being unique, then you definitely need to try out This is reflected right when you enter their website. This site has received the ward for the Best resume visualisation in 2015. The website highly focuses on visualization of resumes. your resume needs to be eye-catching first of all, and the visual layout of your  personality and experience should be clean and attractive.

ResumUp isn’t just an awesome resume building tool, but also it helps you in finding a job. Enter job title, location, and minimum salary, and chances are there for you to get a sweet job without spending time and filling forms on big job searching sites. Besides that, recruiters and find and hire here. ResumUp’s unique feature is that it provides career planning, and you just have to enter “I am now” and “my goal is.”
Infographic resume is something which has grabbed much attention! That’s something very less folks might have tried before coming to this site. You really need to think how many text resumes recruiters cherish every day. Your creative approach is needed to impress them, and show interest in you. for that, you should try out

7. VisualCV Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

If you want high-end flexibility, then VisualCV will prove to be the best resume builder for you. You’ll truly be amazed by the offerings of VisualCV. You’re free to share your resume with a convenient link through social media or email , and also apply directly to an employer by exporting it as a PDF. You can conveniently manage VisualCV versions, which are personalized for each application.

Tracking is another amazing feature, that can make you a fan! With the Resume analytics, you can know when an employer cherishes/downloads your resume, and that way the chances of your resume getting lost in the hiring process is eliminated. it’s truly a rare feature.

Sometimes, after designing your resume, you aren’t able to figure out whether everything is perfect or you need to put some extra efforts. VisualCV eliminates that issue as well, and you can get a free resume review from their partners!

Besides that, even find a job opportunity. Not just that, you can check their resume guides, blogs, and resources to make your job search perfect. Also, their support team perfectly answers your burning questions!

What else do you want?

8. ResumeLab Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

The name is pretty interesting, and so is the operation of this wonderful website! They help you out in designing your resume in three easy steps! You can give your resume a shiny, professional, and elegant look in no time. You’re free to choose templates, colors, fonts, pages, and also reorder.

Your professional resume doesn’t just get ready in minutes, but with this tool, you can make every word written in your resume count! resume writing isn’t a thing you do everyday. Hence, it’s always highly helpful to get hints and actionable advice form the professional resume writers. That’s how you can add charm to every section of your resume, and that’s what will make your resume shine bright!

If you just have a look at the templates this website is providing, you’ll surely be amazed! Especially the color scheme is going to win your heart. The resume you design here are not just very neat and clean, but also attractive enough to grab any recruiter’s attention.

There are enough template choices, and even after everything in abundance, you don’t feel confused, as the website has brought simplicity in the process. Undoubtedly, Resume lab is a sweet recommendation!

9. Resumonk Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

Now, this website is pretty identical to Resumelab, which we discussed up there! These folks also assist you in designing your resume following three easy steps. Firstly, you have to enter your info or simply import your LinkedIn profile in their resume builder.

Then you’ll find yourself free to choose among 20 professional resume and CV templates. After that, you can download your resume in PDF or DOCX format, it’s that simple. Besides that, you can use the same design to create a fabulous letter and describe your self as the best person in front of the employer.

If you’re ready to create an attractive customer resume for a special job, then ResumeMonk will highly assist you. Just clone the best fit and increase the chances for yourself to get special job, than make make your life better.

Also, revising your resume is very easy here, and the highly intuitive dashboard organizes every single resume version, bringing convenience to you while you search of them in future. Once you get on ResumeMonk, you’ll find resume building absolute fun rather than a headache!

10. ResumeGenius Resume Builder Website Review

Resume Builder Websites

If you want a Resume builder website, embracing both simplicity and style within, then ResumeGenius is the spot to visit! The biggest attraction here is you can select from over 50,000+ job description bullet points, which prove to be outstandingly beneficial and supportive!

ResumeGenius online software makes resume templates with thousands of awesomely written work experience bullet points, among which, you can choose whatever suits.  Most importantly, it covers all industries.

After pointing, you can click to instantly place the whatever work duties you performed in past onto your resume in clean and easily understandable bullet point format. With ResumeGenius online resume builder tool, you can create a resume showcasing your unique professional and educational experiences. and greatest strengths.

After completing writing and designing your resume, you can download it conveniently in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. You enjoy Applicant Tracking System friendly resume templates here, which certainly can’t be rejected by HR software.

11. Resume Builder Website Review


Now, here comes the “next to perfect” sort of resume building website, which has much on offer. Sending and tracking your job applications within within their resume builder is easy, and you can conveniently keep your job hunt perfectly organized. If you are using, there are hardly any chance for you to make any mistakes.

Also you instantly come to know which hard and soft skills, certificates and languages are needed, what’s missing in your resume, and what’s the level of relevance of your resume for your desired job. They give the slogan – “Minimal design. Positive impact” which proves to be true when you get yourself on this site to build a resume.

Just select from an amazing list of templates and instantly start the configuration. Wozber automatically changes the resume layout to perfectly match your content length. No worries regarding the right positioning, spacing or page splitting at all.

You can instantly change resume headings, skill ratings, and dates by choosing one of the supported languages: English, Finnish, French, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and Russian. It certainly makes it easier for you to match your desired jobs. Every template can be adjusted to make it your own style.

12. EnhanCV Resume Builder Website Review

 EnhanCV Resume Builder

As per EnhanCV, their resume builder has got people hired at top companies including Intercom, Spotify, Facebook, Google, Tesla, etc. and that’s very impressive! After having a look at their resume templates, you’ll feel that sophistication is really at the top!

You can generate modern design with thousands and thousands of combinations of colors, sections, backgrounds, templates, and icons. It is such fun to create a resume at EnhanCV. You’ll notice, even after making minor changes, how the appearance of your resume changes. the content analyzer feature is also highly appreciable.

If you are uncertain about the fact whether your resume is perfect or not, you can also get feedback from experts. You can describe your professional career via one pie chart sort of thing (can’t exactly call it a pie chart).

There are 3 pricing plans for this resume builder. The first one is available at $10.99 – Pro Semi-Annual. This tool optimizes your resume to get through screening robots and applicant tracking systems.” Yes, you might spend a bit more time in building resume here in comparison to a few resume builders mentioned up there, but if you’re attaining perfection, then a few minutes shouldn’t bother you.

Master Tips to Make a Killing Resume

Although it appears nothing more than common sense, having a ready-steady resume that embraces all pertinent components is crucial to landing your upcoming job. Crafting an extraordinary resume these days brings the added challenge of attracting not just hiring managers but also the software bots performing their upfront work. 

Everybody would come up with a few tips, and most prove to be cool when combined with wording and make its way past various software screens. A few say that polishing your resume with professional help can be beneficial to attain that extra edge

What if we say that with this list, you won’t need to?

These resume tips were written after deep research and understanding the mindset of recruiters. Our tips will help you in showcasing your unique skills and talents and, and if you utilize rightly, they should bring positive results from stonewalling software bot, and of course, the hiring manager. 

Review Successful Examples

Before you began your writing or updating resume work, review some resume examples that fit numerous employment situations. After that, choose a style and format that you think can highlight your achievements and strengths in the best way.

Use a Template

You need to focus on customization, and getting your resume designed neat and clean is very important. Using a resume template when you begin is necessary for that. It permits you the flexibility of personal customization on a predesigned platform.

Rather than writing directly, adding your information to the resume template is much easy, and then you can tweak it to highlight your abilities and skills.

Add Numbers That Quantify Accomplishments

Your accomplishments that you mention in your resume lay a vital role in bringing you a job, and that’s why your presentation for the same matter a lot.

Adding numbers to your accomplishment or show black-and-white fashion in your resume to grab the recruiter’s eye. Not every single of your achievement is quantifiable. However, adding the main ones and highlighting them well will highly help when the discussion of salary begins!

Add a Profile

You need to use a resume profile or summary, regardless of with or without a headline, in case you desire to include the resume objective. Ensure tailoring your profile to perfectly match your desired job. The more specific with your resume you are, the better chances are there of being considered for the job.

Put the crucial and Relevant Accomplishments First

Prioritizing the resume’s content in such a way that your relevant and crucial experiences are listed first will bring benefits. Describe key accomplishments right at your resume’s top and quantify them if possible. 

Include Commonly Parsed Keywords

If you are including the same keywords appearing in job descriptions, then you are directly increasing the possibilities of your resume matching the positions that are available and of being chosen for an interview. The inclusion of keywords is needed in your cover letter as well, because that correlation will be screened, also. Keywords keep on changing with the times, due to which you need to stay up to date.

Optimize Resume Job Descriptions Perfectly

These resume tricks will assist you in making your descriptions sound impressive, besides catching the HR manger’s attention.

  • If possible, your resume shouldn’t exceed two pages. Bots and humans both prefer shorter, more concise, and straight to the point type of resumes.
  • Blend your own language with style the software bots understand. Experienced hiring managers will read the same.
  • Utilize subtle color highlights for marking all crucial details or quantified successes, which you think can impress the HR manager.

Slip Past the Software Bots

Some tips for getting you further than others regarding resume building these days are mostly read/scanned by a machine before it reaches humans. A few simple tweaks will make the difference between getting eliminated or getting read.

Write a Custom Resume for Each Job

Writing a custom resume for every job takes greater effort. However, the effort will pay off handsomely, especially when applying for jobs, which are a perfect match for the qualifications & experience you have. The additional time spent is mostly paid back in the interviews’ form. 

Forward Resumes Properly and With the Ideal Attachments

When forwarding an email resume, follow the instructions of employers correctly on how to submit your CV. There are chances that the employer might want your resume attached to the email message and forwarded in a certain format, for example, as a Word document or a PDF. Every time remember following what the employer specifies. 

Carefully Stand Out

If you want your resume to simply stand out from the rest, then believe us, it’s easier than you think. You just need to pull out your creativity. Yes, creative resumes—such as those including infographics, presentations, videos, or resumes with icons or graphics have all potential to make your resume look entirely unique.

 However, you need to use them thoughtfully, and even more importantly, not overuse them. Just imagine you’re applying through an ATS. in such a case, stick to the standard formatting and don’t add any bells and whistles for making the computer read it effectively and properly.

While applying to a traditional company, your better don’t get too fancy or crazy, but you can certainly add some tasteful design elements there. Also, adding a little color can make it pop. Don’t do it unless you’re happy putting in the time and effort to apply design work to make it awesome. Don’t do it with a dead heart!

Make Your Contact Info Prominent

Besides adding your address on your resume (some experts would say, you don’t even need to do that now), do ensure to include crucial details including professional email address and, of course, your phone number, and whatever places you feel that that the hiring manager can find you. Adding your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle is cool.

Design for Skimmability

You’ might have heard before that HR managers don’t invest much time on each individual resume. Considering that fact, help them get maximum information possible, in minimum time as possible. A few formatting changes can help you with doing that. If your resume is short, yet sharp and straight to the point, it will certainly generate great chances for you to get that job.

Get Help From a Professional or Top Resume building websites

If your design skills aren’t that strong, but you want your resume to look stunning, then either you should ask for pro help, and even a better idea is getting yourself to a resume building website, something like we listed up there. 

There’s no shame in getting help, and you don’t have to always pay. Just, for example, you can consider being on and get a fully customized and super attractive resume entirely free. This is arguably the crucial document of your job search; that’s why it’s worth getting it super perfect! Putting some extra minutes in designing or researching shouldn’t hurt.

Additional Tips

Don’t Put Everything on Your Resume

Your resume must not have every work experience that you’ve ever had listed down on it. Consider your resume, not as a comprehensive list of the career history you had, but write it as a marketing document selling you as the ideal person for the job.

For every single resume you forward out, you’ll want to highlight just the accomplishments as well as skills, which are most relevant to a job at hand, even in the case that means you don’t incorporate all of your experience.

Keep a Master List of Every Single Job

Since you’ll need to be swapping different info in and out, relying on the job you’re applying to, remember keeping a resume outline or master resume on the desktop you have where you keep your any info you’ve ever incorporated on a resume for example, old positions, special projects that just sometimes make sense to incorporate or bullet points tailored for numerous applications.

After that, when you’re creating each resume, cutting and pasting is what just you’ve to do of relevant information together, it’ll save you much time. Take this as your brag file.

Put the Ideal Stuff “Above the Fold”

In speak of marketing, “above the fold” mean what you see on a folded newspaper’s front half (or, in the digital age, before scrolling down on a site), but normally it’s your first impression of the document. In resume speak, that means you must ensure your best experiences & accomplishments are visible on minimum at the top third of the resume you create.

This top section will actually what the hiring manager is going to read first. It will serve as a hook for any individual to keep on reading. So concentrate on putting your best yet most relevant experiences at first in your resume.

Ditch the Objective Statement

The only occasion when the objective section makes sense is when you’re creating a large career change and require to describe from the get-go why the experience you have doesn’t match up with the position in the job for which you’re applying to. In every different case?

Consider whether the summary statement would be ideal for you or only nix it altogether for saving space and concentrate on creating your resume stellar’s rest.

Keep it Reverse & Chronological

There are numerous approaches to organize the info present on your resume, for example, the functional resume or combination resume. However, the ideal old reverse chronological in which your latest experience is listed first can still be your best bet. Unless it’s absolutely essential in your situation, try to skip the skills-based resume as hiring managers may wonder what you’re hiding about yourself in your resume.


Try Keeping Your Resume Simple

Getting creative for standing out in a minute from the crowd, but the basic elements of a good resume are just formatting & design? No, try to keep your resume simple. Use a basic yet modern font, for example, Arial, Century Gothic, or Helvetica.

Make your resume understandable, and it must hire managers’ eyes interest by using a font size in the middle of 10 & 12 and leaving an ideal amount of white space on your page. You can use numerous font, or you can also use the typeface for your name, your resume headers, and the organizations for which you’ve worked.

But, most importantly, keep it simple & consistent. No matter what resume format you select, your main concentration here should be on readability for the manager that will hire you.

Make Your Resume Relevant

As a thumb rule, you must indicate your latest 10-15 years of the career history you have and only incorporate the experience relevant to the positions for which you are applying. And don’t forget to allocate real estate on the resume according to importance. In case there’s a selection between incorporating one more college internship or concentrating on highly detailing about your current role, always select the latter unless a recent job was more relevant to the one for which you’re applying to.

No Relevant Experience? Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic in case you’re not holding any experience which fits the bill. Instead, concentrate your resume on your relevant as well as transferable skills along with any side that is related or academic projects. Then ensure to pair it with a strengthful cover letter telling about the narrative of why they should hire you for the job.

Incorporate Bullet Points in Limit

No matter for what time period you’ve been in any job, or how much you’ve achieved there, you must not incorporate above five or six bullets in a provided section. No matter how ideal your bullets are, the recruiter might not only going to get via them.

Take Your Resume Down a Level

You might be tempted to throw a bunch of industry jargon; otherwise, your resume might sound like ultimately unnecessary. Undoubtedly, you must create your resume highly understandable for an average individual. Don’t forget the first person who sees your resume will definitely be a recruiter, an assistant, or he/she might be even a high-level executive. Therefore, a readable, relevant, and interesting resume is what is considered the best for all of them.

Provide Them With Your Numbers

Use as many figures, facts, and numbers as you can in the bullet points. How many individuals were impacted by your work? With which percentage did you exceed your destinations? By quantifying your achievements, you must permit the hiring manager to determine the level of work or responsibility you required to achieve them.

Take Your Resume One Step Further

People hire performers, so you must indicate that you didn’t just play nicely, but you’ve got some side tricks too! As you take a look at your bullet points, consider the process of taking each statement a step further and adding in what the advantage was to your boss or your organization. By doing so, you clearly communicate not just what you’re capable of, but you’re offering them the direct benefit also, which might enhance the chances of the employer of hiring you.

Show Them Your Soft Skills, Don’t Tell Them!

Describing soft skills on a resume mostly begins to sound like just a list of meaningless buzzwords. But describing in soft words makes you an “effective communicator” or a “strong leader,” which are essential characteristics you must have to achieve success. Consider demonstrating these attributes in your bullet points and don’t use forceful language.

Don’t Neglect Non-Traditional Work

There’s no law available that tells you can just put full-time or paid work on the resume you create. So, in case you’ve participated in any major volunteer role, freelanced, worked in part-time or you were hired as a temporary/contract worker, or blogged, then absolutely list these aspects as their own “jobs” within the career chronology.

Mix Up Your Word Use

If every single bullet point in your resume if it starts with “Responsible for,” then the readers might get bored very quickly. Try using a mix of Transition words!

Use Keywords

Using keywords in your resume and scan the job description, see which words are used frequently, and ensure you’ve incorporated them in your bullet points. Not just it’s a self-check, which you’re targeting your resume to the job, but it’ll ensure you in getting noticed in applicant tracking systems.

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