Top 28 Highly Active Websites To Post Job Opening For Free

One of the most significant problems that job recruiters face today is that they are unable to find the free job posting sites that are highly active. The internet is a vast place with great sites that allows recruiters to hire the perfect talent that will prove as an advantage to the business. Most of the job posting sites today are inactive with no job seekers visiting them, trust me it sucks to post a job without any applicable talent present there.

Ok so let’s kick things off with list of 28 of the best free job posting sites for employers in India:


JobGrin - Unlimited Free Job Posting

JobGrin is the Google of job listings. JobGrin is free to use but you can pay for more exposure of your listing.

The best part about JobGrin is that they allow you search for candidates and send them a message, telling them to apply for your job.

Post job on JobGrin

2. Live career

Live Career

Live career gives you the opportunity to post unlimited job openings. It also posts your job opening to more than 19 job boards for great performance. Live career was formerly known as Resume Bucket.

Currently, live career has millions of visitors per year with great talent waiting in the line.

Post Job On Live Career

3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Talent

With over 100k visitors Hub staff is on number 3. This site is minimalistic and allows you to post any kind of job easily.

It has a diverse kind of applicants and the beautiful part is that you can search for people in their database.

Post Job On HubStaff

4. Flex job

Flex Jobs

The name may sound flexible but flex job is one of the go-to sites to post a job opening. Flex job is so popular that it has been featured in TIME magazine and even NBC.

Flex job has a good amount of user base and some brilliant talents under the sun. If you are looking for a great job portal with no hassle, flex job is one of the best.

Post Job On Flex Jobs

5. ZipRecruiter


Zip recruiter is one of my favorite sites. I love Zip recruiter for its easy-to-use nature.

Zip recruiter is really intuitive and das a whole lot of features which really comes in handy while posting a job. If you are a hirer then Zip recruiter is something you should check out.

Post Job On ZipRecruiter

6. Angel


Angel is the site for recruiters. The site with over 3.2 million results on Google index takes out the big players in a snap.

Angel is trusted by major brands like Twitch, Stripe and many others. It is simple to post your job opening on Angel. It has a robust search and everything well categorized.

Post Job On Angel

7. Jobxoom


Jobxoom is the most preferred site if you want applicants to rush on your listing. Jobxoom is simple as it is free for the first 90 days. Jobxoom also shows your job opening on their RSS feed. If you are in search of some qualified applicants for your job then the best place for you to post a job opening.

Post Job On JobXoom

8. Wisestep


Wisestep is a fabulous site with amazing typography and easy to post a job opening.

Wirestep is one of the best sites to post your job opening. They are simple and easy to understand.

Post Job On WiseStep

9. Jobspider


Jobspider is like a spider for all recruiters. Jobspider is really simple and easy to use. They have a simple interface and it’s absolutely free to use.

Just head over to job spider and post a job. That is it, they will find proper applicants for your job.

Post Job On JobSpider

10. Jobisite


Most job posting sites give a 30-day free trial even some are paid. But Jobisite is absolutely free. Just register for it and you can post unlimited jobs for free.

Jobisite offers potential and high efficient applicants.

Jobisite is really a fabulous tool. Make sure to give it a try.

Post Job On JobIsite

11. National Labor Exchange


National Labor Exchange is a non-profit organization and it is absolutely free. The best part about it is that it cares about both employers and employees.

Employers can post their job opening to this site seamlessly. On the other hand, anyone with proper qualification and education can easily apply for any kind of jobs they love.

Post Job On NLX

12. Learn4Good


The logo may sound like an online education centre but it is more than that. Learn4good is a huge job posting site.

It has everything categorized which makes applicants job way easy. You can post your job on learn4free for better applicants applying for your job.

Post Job On Learn4Good

13. Betterteam


One of the problems that people face nowadays is that they are unable to find a lot of perfect applicants for their job vacancy. This is where the Better team gets in.

The better team is like a directory as it posts your job to more than 100 job boards.

Post Job On BetterTeam

14. Glassdoor


Glassdoor is simply like the door for all job postings. Glassdoor is a freemium service but they are free for many days after your registration that will get your job done.

Glassdoor has over 5 million visitors and it is a go-to place for employers.

Post Job On GlassDoor

15. Snag Jobs

Snag Jobs

Snagajob is currently known as Snag. The snag is currently the master of hourly jobs. Just head over to snag and post your job. The best part about snag is that it has over 9 million results on Google index.

Snag has job listings on every topic under the sun from Truck drivers to sweepers. So get the click done and get a perfect applicant for your job.

Post Job On Snaga

16. Hound


Hound is just like a job search engine. Hound is simple and free to use. You just need to register on the site and post jobs.

It categorizes every job listing according to its city and even qualification.

Post Job On Hound

17. All-star Jobs


Our casual WordPress site has a lot to offer from job listing to exclusive job opening listings.

This is a simple yet free site as it lets you post your jobs easily and without any hassle.

Post Job On AllStarJobs

18. Hired


If you are looking to hire someone then Hired is your best friend. Hired has options both for employers and for employees.

You get to sign up easily for free. It even accelerated the response rate of your job listing by over 90%.

Post Job On Hired

19. Active hire


Active hire has over 500k jobs on their site.

Active hire is a great place to post jobs as they distribute your job opening to over 300 sites which is amazing and the best part is that it’s all for free. Make sure to check Active hire once.

Post Job On ActiveHire

20. Recruit


Recruit gets millions of visitors to their site every month. They have awesome job listings and highly talented employees.

If you have something to spare for a great employee then spend some time on recruit.

Post Job On Recruit

21. Placement India


Placement India is a free job portal that provides free job posting where a recruiter can post job opportunities for job seekers according to their skills and abilities that they are capable of.

Post job on Placement India

22. Aasaanjobs


This free job portal has always helped in connecting a recruiter with a job seeker. The recruiters are giving job opportunities to their candidates according to their requirements and designation.

Post job on Aasaanjobs

23. Career Age

Career Age

Not only is a free job portal, but it is also one of the oldest free job portals where highly talented candidates are registered. Career Age allows the recruiter to hire job seekers according to your city and qualification.

Post job on CareerAge

24. TodayWalkins


A free job portal where the recruiters are instantly hiring candidates with just a simple process of walk-in-interview for Fresher or Experience.

The best part about Walkinsindia is that it allows you to select some of the details on your resume to be confidential.

Post Job on TodayWalkins

25. JobsGaddi


JobsGaddi is the free job portal that has always fulfilled the expectations of every MNC recruiter.
As a recruiter, if you are looking for Highly qualified and skilled candidates. JobsGaddi is the word.

Post job on JobsGaddi

26. Construction Placement


In this free job portal, the recruiters are looking for highly skilled job seekers with excellent industry knowledge.

If you want a successful career growth in Construction, then Construction Placement provides you an opportunity where a job seeker and an Employer can get connected with each other directly.

Post job on Construction Placements

27. MightyRecruiter


It’s one of the smartest, fast, and easy-to-use free job portals where the recruiter can hire most qualified candidates suitable for their organization.

Post job on MightyRecruiter

28. MightyRecruiter

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a free job portal where a recruiter can simply hire the best candidates that they are looking for.

Post job on Simply Hired

[Infographics]- Advantages of Free Job Posting


Free job posting sites are a great way to get some qualified employee as let’s be honest most of the employees spend time on free sites. It is really a hassle-free job to post jobs openings on free sites. My final conclusion would be its best to start posting jobs online as it makes the process of recruiting very easy and awesome. Thanks for reading.

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