The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2021

It’s truly harsh to share how corona destroyed the education of our kids, and the even more harsh fact is that most of the parents felt their hands tied up.

But remember, there’s a solution for everything.

Online learning platforms earned much more attention during this era, and many to full advantage of them.

However, it proved to be an absolute disaster for several students and parents who paid for the courses when they came to know the depth of those courses and the learning platforms them self.

After all, it’s said not to judge any book by the….you already know that, but you actually need to judge and research a bit when you’re spending high.

Although there are numerous e-learning platforms accessible today, are all of them worth your trust? Are you sure you can pick one, complete your course, and make your future bright?

We’ve done lengthy research, understanding the depth of the most rated eLearning platforms, and brought you “those rare facts” which will prevent you from spending on the wrong eLearning platform.

Tighten your seatbelts; here comes our hefty guide!

Khan Academy:

As of Feb 2010, Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy himself, had made 2,800+ videos on subjects. His development team, meanwhile, has done 300+ practice modules. Khan is truly strong in science and math.

In October 2011, Khan Academy consolidated a partnership with SmartHistory, who had already created 300+ videos on history and art that are now a part of the Khan curriculum. So, the plan of expanding content creation in other fields of humanities as well already existed!

Khan Academy is on an ambitious mission to offer free, world-class education for everyone, anywhere. Their interactive practice problems, videos, and articles help students succeed in biology, chemistry, physics, math, economics, finance, grammar, history, and many other topics as well.

Expand your professional horizons!

Khan Academy provides teachers with modern-day data regarding how their students are performing so they can recognize gaps in learning and offer tailored instruction. They also provide free personalized LSAT and SAT practice in collab with the Law School Admission Council.

Millions of students across the world, each with their unique story, learn at their own speed at Khan Academy every single day. The resources of Khan Academy are being translated into over 40 languages besides the French, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish versions of their website.


In his educational videos, Khan teaches topics in broad, simple, and easily understandable strokes that are a welcome departure from old-fashioned classroom instruction. Hence, motivated learners generally love his casual, straightforward teaching style.

In the mixed trial conducted at Envision during the 2011 summer, students were especially focused on completing a chain (answering a long series of questions correctly) for every single practice module. The “pleasantly frustrating” feature does well to students’ competitive streaks.

How it assesses students

Khan Academy provides a variety of tools to help students and teachers track progress. Teachers get real-time summaries related to class performance and identify which students are struggling. Further, they can drill down to capture details about each student.

Students get at-a-glance details about what they’ve learned and whether they are hitting their goals. Khan Academy has not made progress reports downloadable, as they’re all in real-time besides being updated constantly.

Cost and the Final word

Talking about the cost of Khan Academy, it’s just free minus the computer and Internet connection expenses.

In the Los Gatos Unified School District (California), two seventh-grade classrooms that utilized the Khan Academy curriculum to sharpen their learning during 2010-11 showed great improvement: The number of “Proficient” and “Advanced” students increased surprisingly, from 23% to 41%. You can read more on this Huffington Post.

Coursera Review:

Home learning has gone stratospheric, and Coursera is one platform that’s been a massive part of it. Coursera is a dependable online training company that works combined with blue-chip firms and well-known colleges to deliver a huge range of courses.

Courses range begins to form ultra-short MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and extend to online degrees and full subject specializations. Coursera also provides a range of forthcoming “Career Certificates” and “Professional Certificates” delivered in league with the appreciation of Microsoft and Google.

Whatever is there you desire to learn; the chances are you’ll discover something suitable for yourself at Coursera. Besides that, you may be able to study your selected online course without shedding any money at all.

Coursera works with household-name companies and prestigious universities, including tech giants like Facebook, IBM, and Google. There are accredited courses available that genuinely mean something on your resume. Keep reading to know the sorts of courses available.

Turn your knowledge in money!

Types of Courses on Coursera

Course topics available on Coursera cover various subject areas, ranging from business to tech and humanities. The types of online courses you get on Coursera broadly break down as mentioned below:

Individual Courses: These courses cover a specific skill or topic and can generally be accomplished over a matter of weeks. In Coursera, you can see the total number of hours you’ll have to complete each course. Further, you can take several of these courses without paying anything, but if you want a certificate after completing the course, then you’ll have to pay.

Guided Projects: New to Coursera, these attractive short projects only take a few hours and give an agile overview of a new skill. An amazing way to learn something new in your free time.

Professional Certificates: For several, professional certificates are the most interesting option from Coursera, delivering an identified qualification from companies like IBM, Google, and Facebook.

Specializations: Specializations are curated collections of numerous smaller paid courses that merge to give a comprehensive overview of a specific topic.

What are you supposed to shed from your pocket?

Coursera makes several individual courses fully accessible for free, and you can pay a fee (optional ) if you wish to acquire an official certificate on completion after completion of the course. Free trials are usually available on and financial assistance and specializations options for online degrees.

The expense of Coursera courses is from absolutely free to “audit” an individual course to several thousand dollars for a full degree. Coursera pricing is a somewhat complicated subject, and a fixed statement can’t be made here on that.

Occasionally Coursera will bring special offers which permit the platform users to enjoy specific courses for free. These are full courses with certificates, which are normally paid. So ensure to keep an eye out for such sweet offers! If you want an official certificate, you generally pay somewhere between $50-100 per course.

Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? Can you truly make a career?

Coursera certificates are undoubtedly worth it if you opt for an online course that matches your career goals. Employers will definitely recognize real-world names such as IBM and Google and universities like Stanford and Duke!

Coursera provides courses that can directly help in developing a successful career. For instance, Google currently provides two professional certificates, automation and IT support, with three more yet to come in user experience (UX) design, data analytics, and project management. Google has declared they’ll view completion of these courses with equal prestige as a full degree.

To diverse extents, there are several other Coursera courses that can support your career-building process. Certificates that mention popular colleges are never anything bad to have on a LinkedIn profile or resumé.

edX Review:

In 2020, the MIT-backed nonprofit and Harvard launched a new credential named MicroBachelors, started providing higher-priced Executive Education courses.

They launched a new product line dedicated to universities called edX Online Campus. It has 10 million new learners joined within a month, and the quarantine measures around the globe played a big role in pushing the number to that limit.

EDX offers a considerable range of specializations and courses to improve your academy grade or your knowledge, the number of courses offered by EDX are virtually endless.

They cover a large number of fields like development, economy, history, project management, languages, economy, geography, grammar, etc. that prove to be so useful for academics, students, or the general public to learn regarding a specific topic.

EDX provides certificates to check the course‘s grade or courses that you do.

This certificate helps you improve your resume and demonstrate to others what you have learned; even in digital ways, this is possible, as the certificate brings a link to test their authenticity.

Aiming to be a professional?

edX Online Courses

The most widely used and popular learning tools available on edX are online courses.

As we mentioned, edX is unique in that it permits users free access to every single of its courses, albeit with a few features like certificates and graded assignments being behind a paywall. With a huge range of online courses to select from (over 30 topics), edX has managed to cover the majority of the huge subjects in education.

If you’re interested in STEM subjects, you’ll find especially great value from edX, as the choice of courses available in technology, engineering, mathematics, and science topics is considerably greater than for other subjects.

Pricing of edX Online Courses

Now, here’s some good news.

All edX students can opt for a course for free and conveniently access the lectures, discussion boards, and video materials at no cost. These sorts of free learning materials prove to an excellent way of learning topics by a few of the world’s ultimate best universities, such as MIT and Harvard.

Those having knowledge about online course platforms will realize how unique edX is in this industry. No other platforms are out there with as versatile of a selection of online courses that are completely free as edX has. In case you would prefer to discover all of the free courses provided on edX, then simply visit their pricing page.

Certificates of completion (helpful or not?)

All Verified Track students that have graduated their course from edX always got a certificate of completion from the institution that built the course. It goes without explaining that a certificate from MIT, Harvard, or IBM is undoubtedly worth the additional spend in case you probably want to feature it on the LinkedIn profile you have or the CV you’ll be submitting for job joinings.

Are courses on edX worth it?

It’s true, online courses available on edX undoubtedly are worth taking, as they provide really excellent value for students. Almost every single of their online courses can be accessed completely free of cost, and they are crafted by some of the world’s ideal universities.

Whether paying expenses for a course is worth it for yourself is harder to answer, as it highly depends on what you are discovering to get out of the online course you’re taking.

Next up, we’ll be covering Codecademy review after this edX, which goes considerably higher deep on the topics for studies in comparison to courses. If you’re considering paying expenses for a course to opt for a certificate of completion, then you might wanna consider studying in one of edX’s numerous MicroMasters programs.

Get prepared to be a professional!

Codecademy Review:

Started in 2011, Codecademy is basically an online educational tool for individuals interested in learning coding. They have both paid/free resources in the web development subjects, computer science, data science, specific languages and tools, machine learning, web design, game development, code foundations, data visualization, and mobile development.

Users can select among three ways to learn: skill paths, courses, and career paths. Courses can be learned between 1-20 hours to finish; however, that depends on the subject. A few courses are free of cost, and some need the Pro membership.

Skill paths assist students in getting knowledge and mastering a specialized skill, like building a front-end app with the help of analyzing data with SQL. These will differ from 6-10 weeks, and every single of them requires Pro membership to be finished. The destination of these courses is to offer a step-by-step guide to getting knowledge about this specific skill. Ideally, after that, individuals can further use it rapidly in the real world.

The paths to start a career are in the following topics:

  • Data science ( SQL, Python, machine learning and data visualization)
  • Computer science ( data structures, Python, command line and git)
  • Back end engineering
  • Data analyst
  • Full stack engineering
  • Front end engineering ( CSS, HTML, Javascript, React).

What does Codecademy cost?

Codecademy’s Pro membership is $19.99 per month with an annual subscription. Individuals who select the 6-month subscription will have to pay $29.99 per month. Lastly, the month-to-month option will cost you $39.99 for every month.

As with the Codecademy labs and school resources, the online courses for these languages permit online, live coding while you learn. Guidelines are offered for every step of the course, allowing you to go back & repeat parts of the hard lessons at a later time.

There’s no requirement of running the actual coding languages on your private computer; Codecademy will ensure that inside the built-in console. Each course is completed with a section of the Projects in which the user has an opportunity to replicate the concepts mastered in the lesson and attempt to craft a live application of the concepts.

Career & Skill Paths

In addition to the several languages & subjects available, Codecademy is an excellent beginner-friendly platform, making things highly simple for beginners to get started in the world of coding without having the feeling of getting too overwhelmed.

Career paths and skill paths are among the most effective ways of doing this. Instead of simply offering an assortment of distinctive and disconnected subjects & languages, by selecting a skill path or career, a student is allowed to follow a structured curriculum to concentrate their attention on what exactly to work on and learn towards further so they will be having the skills required to assist them in the personal or business ventures they have.

There are 4 different career paths available besides 13 different skill paths. As a curriculum, all these course sets do need a greater time commitment in contrast to the more open-ended courses accessible today. They can range between 6 to 10 weeks from beginning to completion.

So, is it worth considering?

A few of Codecademy’s earlier limits have been located with the involvement of Web Project and API sections. However, for a free service accessible 24/7 at no expense, Codecademy surely has established a reputation in the world to learn coding skill development.

As an introduction to learning coding and a means to produce an interest in the technology of coding, Codecademy completely succeeds, as evidenced by the stories of its success of its learners throughout the website.

Byju’s Review

BYJU’S is another online e-learning platform, which caters to the academic requirements of school children in India. The app subscription of BYJU’S involves online classes and access to the library of the portal’s course.

The brand besides that provides a trial period for users that are first-time. During this trial period, you can download the application and try the content for 15 days without paying anything. If you are fully satisfied with their content, you can further pay the BYJU’S app cost to continue the usage.

Moreover, the students can conveniently interact with the teachers in real-time; they can also indicate the content ‘n’ number of times until the student understands it. Besides that, he/she can retake the tests several times for grasping the content. This personalization with live reports permits the students to alter the way of learning on the basis of the output.

Pricing Details

For more details regarding the BYJU’S app costs, visit the official site of their app, and choose the course you wanna take and of your choice. After that, try the trial period and engage every single of the offered features to understand its way of usability.

Once you’re satisfied, you can further pay the BYJU subscription costs on a monthly basis. The application charges nothing for downloading find a suitable and interesting course for you or your , and its user can also use the in-app option to buy course packages.

The BYJU application expenses involve cloud access to the whole course material. The students can, after that, discover the material without the requirement of downloading anything. Hence, users can use the material from any place.

What’s the most appealing here? 

There’s much to explain under what’s appealing with Biju’s. The app permits the students to participate even when the video class is going. Students can get their queries clarified as the BYJU app expenses involve live access to the mentors. Also, getting a mentor assigned for special guidance is also possible. The mentor program permits BYJU’s students to get their doubts cleared quickly.

The BYJU’S feature involves analysis reports to get knowledge about the weaknesses, strengths, and parts of progress for each subject and entire growth. The output of every test and the analysis reports will also be stored to permit the students to compare the progress while continuing the further classes. 

Unlike other platforms like BYJU’S, this application provides block-based training techniques. The whole coursework is split into little blocks, with assessments at each block’s end. It enables students to keep tasks on their progress and learn slowly or fastly as per their suitable pace. 

While a few of BYJU’S competitors provide a stream of courses one after another, BYJU’S permits students to browse via the material and select the chapters of their selection. The students can also search via the library on the basis of keywords or genres to choose one of their selections.

Other Key Features of BYJU’S APP

The features classes of BYJU’S cost involve the following features.

  • Video Content: The BYJU app expenses involve high-quality video content from teachers that are highly trusted. The students can, after that, discover the class video through the student portal.
  • Appraisal: The platform also provides practice sheets, adaptive exercises, and other tests for every single chapter. The students can also undertake those suitable exercises to understand the whole concept.
  • Mobile Access: The application is compatible with every single model of phone. Its responsive design permits students to access content with simplicity.
  • Shortcut Techniques: Not like other e-learning platforms, the program never goes blindly or sticks to the curriculum. The program allows the students to grasp courses better with shortcuts, unique mathematical and mnemonic concepts, and out-of-syllabus issue-solving skills.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard: The students will have multiple access points for courses and programs. Hence, the dashboard of the app permits easy navigation via the tools and other programs. 
  • Visual Aid: Not just the video programs, the platform is highly versatile and offers visual aids as well, such as diagrams, and short animations, and chalkboard methods, to make the classes highly interesting. This feature is among the major reasons why students always like it more than other BYJU’S competitors.

Here’s The Conclusion

Learning through digital means learning is on tap. It never consumes so much to discover a path of learning with online convenience or to develop a specific skill. Keeping this in mind, the training organizations’ ways and educator-created courses are changing dramatically as well.

Feel free to go through the websites of all the eLearning Platforms we’ve listed here and find a suitable course for you or your young ones to lay the foundation of a strong career in the future.

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