Best Free job posting site in India: #1 is unbelievable!

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Free job posting site in India in 2020: If we begin listing the job posting and job finding sites in India in 2020, then the list won’t end! Numerous websites have emerged presently, elevating the competition to its top-level.

NSearching for a job posting site that lets you complete your objective without making you pay? Yes, there are a few, providing tremendous flexibility, but most of such sites do have some hidden charges.

We’re here to promise you to bring you the best free job posting sites in India, where you get the maximum exposure and get your dream employees faster than you expected!

We’ve fully tested the following job posting websites, and conversed with several recruiters regarding their experience with these sites, and after colossal research, we’ve formed an unbeatable list!

Let’s get you your dream employee in no time! 

List of free job posting site in India (20+): These bring fastest results

1 A++ 9.8
2 Live career A+ 9.5
3 Hubstaff A+ 9.4
4 Flex job A 9.1
5 ZipRecruiter A 9.0
6 Angel A 8.9
7 Jobxoom B+ 8.9
8 Wisestep A 8.7
9 Jobspider B+ 8.5
10 Jobisite B+ 8.4
11 National Labor Exchange B 8.3
12 Learn4Good B+ 8.1
13 Betterteam B+ 8.1
14 Hound B 8.0
15 Activehire C+ 7.9
16 Recruit C+ 7.8
17 PlacementIndia C 7.6
18 AasaanJobs C 7.5
19 Careerage D+ 7.3
20 TodayWalkins D 7.2
21 JobsGaddi D 7.1


1. Review

In recent times, has emerged as the Google of Job listing, and engagement of recruiters is increasing continuously due to all tremendous features and convenience it offers. It tops among the sites which prove to be most convenient for recruiters, and there are high chances of you getting your dream employee here.

It has hassle-free registration, besides the simple and powerful user interface for job seekers. Hence, they find matching jobs very easily. Now, as job seekers are so attentive at this website, it becomes truly easy for the recruiter to pick the desired one.

The resume search is extended to a hundred searches every day. You, as a recruiter, get notified whenever a resume is uploaded by any job seeker for a given job via email alerts.

Most importantly, the process of posting a job is very simple, and as it’s free, you can post multiple jobs at a time, and also get results in time.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 9.8 

2. Live career Review

LiveCareer My Perfect Resume is a solid, effective web application helping its employees to narrate their resume and begin building a career conveniently. This resume writing software permits sharing the resume directly to social media job sites for ensuring reach to a wider audience.

With LiveCareer, creating a chronological resume is easy. Further, a functional resume can be created or one that’s a blend of both styles. Importing an existing resume into it and editing is simple, so re-entering everything about your info isn’t required, and then, the employees can use various software tools on it.

Once completing the resume, LiveCareer performs an audit to ensure the resume is perfectly polished or not. This program includes a highly dependable spell-checker as well. Its intuitive interface ensures simplicity while switching among numerous resumes, settings, and other features.

This program could stand to posses some more selectable templates to battle with numerous other resume software selections. However, on an overall basis, LiveCareer is among the most enjoyable and powerful resume builder we reviewed for the employers.

Due to all those conveniences, the site heavily attracts a huge number of employees and employers, and that makes finding the right emplyee for either group very easy and fast.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 9.5

 3. Hubstaff Review

With over 100k visitors, Hub staff is on number 3. Its premium services begin at $7/user/month and have a few things in common with Editors’ Choice-Jobgrin, especially convenience. Yes, you can post any job free here. Hubstaff splits this focus by including a few employee monitoring capabilities, for example, keystroke monitoring. However, for the most part, it’s focussed on time tracking.

However, it still can’t catch Jobgrin in terms of getting the desired employee rapidly. While pure-play solutions like this one, Jobgrin and TSheets appeal to several customers (including both employees and employers), you can get tremendous features from some other job posting sites, but they certainly aren’t free. You have to spend high.

Let’s stick to the “free tag” right now. Hubstaff’s user interface (UI) is formulated and beautified with an attractive left-rail blue and grey navigation bar. Concerning overall convenience, Hubstaff definitely deserves the third spot here.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 9.4

 4. Flex job Review

FlexJobs is an appreciable online platform for searching flexible jobs, including freelance work, remote work, and part-time options. FlexJob searches these positions from numerous company websites as well as employment agencies.

Further, it hand screens every single of them before listing them on their site. Flex job is so popular that it has been featured in TIME magazine and even NBC. Yes, it’s a fantastic free job posting site, but it won’t be wrong to call it “a bit strict!” Jobs are available in over 50 career fields here, including accounting and finance, insurance jobs, law, education, and training, etc.

Besides job listings, FlexJobs has some truly great features to offer to its employers. On top of that, there are zero ads on FlexJobs, and that’s rare, actually!

Rather than searching through traditional and mainstream job boards, digging profoundly into every single option, and analyzing numerous reviews to find out whether a job is legit, FlexJobs is generous enough to do all of that for you, most importantly, for free! Overall, Flexjob, as the name indicates, is among the most flexible free job posting sites in India, and is worth recommendable.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 9.1

 5. ZipRecruiter Review

Running down the list of Free job posting sites in India, ZipRecruiter marks itself on the fifth spot. As posting your job opening without paying anything start looking tough, this is where ZipRecruiter comes in the scene. The majority of the recruiters who’ve used it, love Zip recruiter for its easy-to-use nature.

While ZipRecruiter is a superb job finding site, this website beyond that proves to be a decent place for employers to just post openings, and get results faster. After posting a new job opening on ZipRecruiter, this site syndicates your posted job across a bunch of other job board websites.

Hence, tons of people see your position, and your chances of finding the correct candidate elevate. Unlike other job board sites up there, ZipRecruiter isn’t free, however, for dipping your toes first, it does offer free trials.

After you post an open position, candidates are free to apply through ZipRecruiter. You can conveniently review their profile information in their resumes through an employer portal. To date, 1,000,000+ employers have used ZipRecruiter for finding the right candidates. 100+ job distribution partners and Millions of job seekers exist here.

Besides that, 10,000 new companies subscribe per month in ZipRecruiter, making it highly popular! For posting jobs, and hiring employees, ZipRecruiter is a website; all experts would love to recommend to any recruiter.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 9.0

 6. Angel Review

Angel permits employers to post open positions without charging anything on its job board. A lot of folks use Angel as a spot for establishing connections with angel investors with startups. Hence, most of the hiring on this website’s board is actually for startup organizations, which are generally tech jobs and/or remote jobs.

Angel-Jobs is a rapid -growing job as well education portal. Their unique job and education site targets to include numerous opportunities for jobs and education in India and the same in abroad.

The company is a part of the “Angel” group, and their offices are in Mumbai, Paris & in the upcoming time, in several other parts of the World. What the majority of the clients appreciated about Angel is that employees are free to apply privately to startup jobs with an application.

Besides that, they are permitted to see a startup database, for example, their type and stage. Hence, you can make your profile looks attractive and appealing to grab great opportunities to hire desired employees from startups, and without putting any huge efforts, level yourself up from the crowd.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.9

7. Jobxoom Review

Jobxoom is among the most powerful, widespread, and huge website leading in, contract-to-perm, full-time, and temporary employment job boarding. It’s among India’s highly popular job sites to advertise jobs in various sectors across the nation. Jobxoom’s motto is to build the ultimate website for high-tech jobs in India.

Most importantly, they provide the entire listing of technology jobs as well as an open direct door to all employers’ websites for permitting you access to the most accurate and up-to-date and job postings. Jobxoom is entirely free for the jobseeker to create and load a maximum of five resumes and arrange new job alerts.

All Categories skill Candidates can easily apply directly to thousands of live new needs from across the nation, and covers all industry sectors very well. For any employee, uploading the resume in Jobxoom is entirely free.

By using their amazing tools, you can ensure high-end convivence such as getting job alerts and regular messages in your Inbox, bookmarks, and much more. Using this wonderful platform, any recruiter can easily manage numerous resumes and get statistics rapidly.

They’ve also provided with Confidentiality & Privacy Settings. Hence, it’s a tremendous Free job posting site in India in case you’re looking for fresh employees.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.9

 8. Wisestep Review

Wisestep is a popular software used for recruitment purposes. This software is flexible, instinctive, data-driven, and designed to perfectly serve users from small, med-level to huge-scale industries. It makes the recruitment process as quick as possible by indulging healthy conversations with the candidates.

Now, that results in not just highly improving productivity, but it also accelerates growth by enjoying real-time updates on analytics and intelligence. These analytics bring actionable insights for every single stakeholder and lead to making stronger decisions by ensuring better performances.

The priority search option of Wisestep generates results with high accuracy by which candidates are ranked on the basis of quantified relevance. It further captures the candidates’ information automatically from numerous job boards.

No matter you’re an individual recruiter rolling on with an easy flow of work or a huge enterprise with a more complicated process, the software doesn’t fail to add versatility and intelligence to the recruitment.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.7

 9. Jobspider Review

Job Spider is a highly appreciated free job and resumes posting site where employers can easily link up with potential candidates. It’s pretty convenient because it was designed after Craigslist’ simplicity. Job Spider is an entirely free service with including any pay-for-use plans.

Using Job Spider is easier than several other Free job posting sites in India. Just create a new account for managing Job Spider job postings in the future. Just tap “Post a Job” on Job Spider’s home page and then tap “Register For An Account” while you prompt to log in.

As per Job Spider’s claims that millions of employers view their job posting website is, and you can conveniently advertise any job, till the time it’s credible and valid. Editing your posted jobs on this website is super simple under the “My Spider” section. entirely understand the time-consuming issue of hand, placing a huge volume of job ads.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.5

 10. Jobisite Review

We know that Online job portals are often used by job seekers and applicants to find the perfect candidate, but Jobisite stands in the queue of the sweetest and most convenient sites! With a huge choice of job portals out there, Jobisite brings all the amenities to match the requirements of employers and job seekers.

Jobisite is a perfect platform to ensure a firm connection between the two. You just don’t have the facility to post a free job, but also you’ve got much more. With the cost-free facilities provided, you can post job vacancies rapidly, and the process is small. Also, job seekers easily find the sort of job that matches their expertise, and that’s why there’s much engagement here.

Finding the perfect fellow for a job needs time and energy. Certainly, employers have to spend good enough money to promote the job descriptions. However, some of the Free job posting sites in India like Jobisite help recruiters posting job vacancies for a very little fee, and sometimes, entirely free.

You, as a recruiter, have to simply register as a free member and begin narrating the job descriptions as per the need, that’s it.

Both employees and employers enjoy the convenience and freedom to use this platform without any rigid terms & conditions.

You, as a job recruiter can post unlimited job advertisements as you like, as long as you follow the guidelines without spamming. Job ads will also be spread across numerous pages and shared on social networks by Jobisite.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.4

 11. National Labor Exchange Review

The NLx gathers and dispenses job openings exclusively found on 25,000+ state job banks and corporate career websites altogether, and is regularly growing.

You can find 2 million+ job openings on the NLx at a single time. NLx offers all services at no cost for supporting workforce agency customers – both employers and job seekers, plus supporting the federal partners and state workforce agencies.

The NLx ‘s motto is to provide the comprehensive and highly accurate collection of real online jobs to attain the peak level efficiency for the labor exchange of the country – at no extra cost to employers, state workforce agencies, and job seekers.

The NLx ‘s vision is to provide India with an accurate apprehension of the ongoing labor market to improve labor exchange efficiency and further, better serve India’s diverse workforce. Not just for the regional users, but also the international users can use this NLx.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.3

 12. Learn4Good Review

Learn4Good is a highly reliable free job posting site, and its listings are in 20 different nations. Recruiters and businesses can use Learn4Good’s platform to post various open jobs to a perfectly categorized job page as well as list a small description for the job. As an applicant, you can view all relevant info on the job posting. Further, the applicant can apply to the desired position through this site.

Learn4Good doesn’t charge anything for your first 20 job posts you do within a 6-month period. However, if you want any additional job posts, you’ll have to pay anything from $59.00 to $199.00 (depends upon your requirement). Learn4Good accepts job feeds and XML formatted document is their preferred method for getting automated job feeds.

Besides that, your job post generally will be visible on this website for 6 months before the expiry date hits. That’s a very big-time phase, though. Learn4Good has a candidates’ database, which you can find at the Resume Search Database. If you’ve subscribed as an employer, you enjoy access to this database. However, access to these candidates’ contact details is accessible to only the paid subscribers.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.1

 13. Betterteam Review

Betterteam is an amazing job publishing tool and a reliable applicant tracking system (web-based ). The app is typically for one-person and small recruiting teams. Bigger teams will be sad here!

With Betterteam, recruiters can publish job vacancies across various channels, performing just one click. This permits individuals and teams to conveniently advertise their open positions at a speedy pace. Besides that, Betterteam permits hiring teams to overcome all tension regarding thorough spreadsheets inputting and rigorous email tracking.

Betterteam conducts all pertinent applicant tracking processes solely on the web, and that makes accessing them at any time from any place possible. Moreover, Betterteam assists organizations and persons in providing talents with an effortless and application experience.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.1

 14. Hound Review

Commercial job boards get less job posted in contrast to employer websites because generally, employers can post jobs on their own sites without paying anything, while on the other hand, commercial job sites may charge $250-300 for posting a single job! There’s a huge difference in posting jobs on employer websites rather than sites like Jobgrin, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, HotJobs, in terms of exposure.

That’s why you can’t expect many applications to come because job seekers actually don’t know about them. Hound makes an entry here, and without making employer sites pay anything, they elevate the exposure level.

Furthermore, Hound doesn’t permit any advertisers, and their search results are influenced just by what employers tell them are available. They list jobs direct from employer websites., and we can call it a pure job search. Yes, Hound is unique, and fantastic as well. As an employer, you might not get as fast results as Jobgrin, Livecareer, etc. but at least it’s better than the websites that make you pay, isn’t it?

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 8.0

 15. Active hire Review

ActiveHire is an awesome cost-effective recruiting resource, and job posting to multiple sites to find relevant candidates from thousands of sources is very easy on this site. ActiveHire is among the best source for the majority of the 71% of candidates who don’t prefer visiting paid job boards like Careerbuilder, Monster, and Hotjobs.

Unlike paid job boards, Active Hire doesn’t permit candidates to post numerous resumes. They scrub their database constantly to weed out all bad and duplicate resume data, bringing you the refined employees.

The search interface is convenient, and its database is keyword searchable. Drilling down to pull out the best candidates as per your need from the lists is easy. The drop-down menu selections you find on Active hire aggregate search terms and further supports you in finding the perfect candidate.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.9

 16. Recruit Review

With, you can reach millions of job seekers, and finding the targeted job seekers takes lesser time than most of the free job posting sites out there. They automatically fetch all the job postings from your site, and most importantly, you’re supposed to pay only when the perfect candidate is delivered to you by this site.

You can track and manage your campaign as you get real-time analytics here. There’s a straightforward and fast search of high quality resumes. The search has covered over 15 nations.

The UI of the Recruit is simple and sweet. After entering this site, you get a search bar, asking for keyword, title, and company, and besides that, there’s another search bar for entering a location. As a recruiter, neither you’re asked for filling huge forms, nor you’re hit by hidden costs of posting jobs. Overall, Recruit is an amazing website for employers!

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.8

17. Placement India Review

If you’re registered with Placement India, you can post your job by just a few clicks. You can effortlessly manage job postings. You can access Lakh around 25 verified job seekers. There are search tools and filters available for letting you shortlist and the resumes of perfect candidates.

Regarding branding also, placement India is a decent platform. You enjoy several cost-effective branding solutions, including microsites, banner, etc. Application Tracking System (ATS) feature of Placement India is tremendous!

It permits you to Set reminders & send interview invites, schedule interviews for whichever candidates you chose, and manage interviews for various job openings in a folder. This feature adds automation to your whole hiring process. After becoming a subscribed job recruiter, you can add job descriptions and related details. So, if you wanna enjoy instant applications from tons of job seekers on EasyHire, give a try to this site!

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.6

 18. Aasaanjobs Review

At Aasaanjobs, you’ve got two options as a recruiter. Either you can post jobs free, or you can enjoy bigger advantages by Premium posting. Obviously, your job ad will get better exposure, but that doesn’t mean the free option is worthless.

Relevancy and speed are the factors highly focused by Aasaanjobs. Their AI algorithm puts candidate profiles with a job into deep comparison, ensuring that you don’t have to come across worthless candidates, and get the Mr, perfect in no time. Also, it shortlists requirements & recommends relevant candidates.

Do you want to boost the number of applications received? You can provide interview slots via a simple online process. Isn’t that amazing? Communicating the candidates across various stages of the process is convenient, and that’s how you’ve got better control over your job posting campaign.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.5

 19. Career Age Review

Undoubtedly, Career Age is a well-known name. They are going to introduce the “Daily FREE” feature soon, which will bring recruiters alerts regarding new Job seekers of your interest.

Not only is it a free job portal, but it is also one of the oldest free job portals where highly talented candidates are registered. Career Age allows the recruiter to hire job seekers according to your city and qualification.

You can contact various Job Seekers of suitable profile by sending them an email, without paying anything! You can also receive any job seeker’s resume directly form them. The database of career Age isn’t as humongous as a few best Free job posting sites in India discussed up there, but this site is certainly dependable, and worth trying.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.3

 20. TodayWalkins Review

After entering Todaywalkins, you’ll feel like it’s the simplest site you’ve come across ever! It provides you all the info and all the jobs at a single place. It’s is a highly reputed job listings board where employers advertise their jobs and job seekers post their details.

It’s a free job portal where the recruiters are instantly hiring candidates with just a simple process of walk-in-interview for Fresher or Experience. The best part about Walkinsindia is that it allows you to select some of the details on your resume to be confidential.

It’s identical to various other job boards, including CareerBuilder, Jobgrin, Indeed, and Monster; however, it has a somewhat dull coat of paint. We won’t say that TodayWalkins is a super-duper free job posting website in India, but you can use this website as a backup plan.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.2

 21. JobsGaddi Review

Here comes a somewhat struggling yet a cool free job posting website in India, operating since 6 years, and #817,365 is its global traffic rank. On their home page, you tap on the “Job registration” option, and one form will pop up.

Fill the details, and you’re good to go. Here, you enjoy unlimited job posting and resume access, without paying anything. User reviews are good till now. It has mostly fulfilled the expectations of every MNC recruiter.

You can certainly find highly qualified and skilled candidates, but can’t guarantee that you’ll not have to wait long. It’s because of less popularity of JobsGaddi. As per our experience, we can’t step back from recommending it.

Free job posting site in India Expert Score: 7.1

List of Free job posting sites in India in 2020: The Conclusion

Rewind a few years, and feel how tough it was to post your job on any site without paying anything. Yes, options were present, but they were pretty less than the number we have today!

Forming this list of top 21 was challenging, but if you inquire, which is the best free job posting site in India in 2020, then we’d say, with both the hands up! The chance of grabbing the dream employee is the max here.

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