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IT Staffing Services


IT Staffing Services

We Source Technology Professionals for Organizations, and Help Them Retain Top Talent!

Gathering perfect employees in the IT field and forming a strong pool that can tackle all the challenges of the current fierce market is a top daunting task in today’s date. Sometimes you need to form a permanent team that carries the burden on their shoulders for years to come, and sometimes you need a temporary team to bring you an instant solution for your current projects.

Meeting all diversities of requirements, we at theindiajobs.com mark ourselves as the top contract IT staffing companies in India, and we are propelled to offer efficient and innovative staffing solutions to match your fluctuating candidate requirements.

No matter it’s seasonal placements demanding temporary staffing or short-term assignments, just contact us to hire staffing and shift the exasperating burden of gathering skilled employees away from your shoulders.

We offer comprehensive workforce solutions which give you better flexibility. Such a workforce can tackle unpredictable challenges and bring immense growth to your business.

IT Staff Augmentation

Information Technology Recruitment Options We Offer:

  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Software Engineering Consulting
  • Full-time-equivalent Recruiting (FTE)
  • Direct Hire Recruiting
  • Managed Staffing
  • Contract-to-hire Recruiting
  • Staffing for IT project team

What is our staffing process:

Our staffing process is agile yet perfect. The workforce offered by us should be highly productive, rodomontade, and perfect at the job, and that’s the reason we follow an elegant and fair process for IT recruitment & staffing.

Won’t you love to cherish our process for IT staff amplification?

Client sends the criterion for employment

We offers CVs of suitable candidates

Client interviews shortlisted qualified candidates

Client signs an SLA and finalizing employees after interviews

Industry Specific IT Staffing Solutions

At TheIndiaJobs, we offer IT outsourcing in diverse industry verticals like:

  • Advertising
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Business Solutions & Consulting
  • e-commerce
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Financial & Brokerage Services
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Insurance
  • IT Managed Services
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Mass Media
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Software Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel
  • Utilities, and more

Our Most Appreciated IT Staff Gathering Services Include:

Magento Developers

Magento is booming as the eCommerce platform, and that’s the reason it’s trusted by several companies. But again, talented Magento developers are behind their success, and you may attain great success by hiring Magento developers from us.

LAMP Developers

Our LAMP professionals can tackle even the most bewildering web applications built in LAMP’s proprietary architecture. Get the ultimate benefits of popular development languages and platforms, including Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Linux, as a LAMP.

OpenCart Developers

Want to handle every single aspect of your e-store? We can bring you excellent Opencart developers having profound knowledge regarding OpenCart module development, talented enough to develop several projects for small, mid-level, and huge Commerce ventures.

AR App Developers

The scope of the Augmented Reality App has greatly increased over time in India and has entered various fields of business. It isn’t limited to only video games anymore. We can hire tremendous AR App Developers for you, which can bring success to your business from a new dimension.

Graphic Designers

Graphics have a terrific impact, and you can add attractive Karizma to your website. Immense Graphic designing talent is needed to make any web project stand out from the rest. No worries, hiring such talented designers through us won’t hurt your pocket at all.

Java Developers

The value of Java developers is never going to decrease, and that’s the reason hiring skillful java developers is so daunting. No need to rodomontade with a mob of java developers. We’ll bring you selected and most talented ones.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development is truly a pocket-tearing task, and getting things right sometimes takes too long. In such a case, you really want your Mobile app developers to be agile and perfect at their job. We’re going to bring you the most dependable Mobile app developers.

Oracle Application Developers

Oracle developers either develop fresh applications or convert the existing ones to run in an Oracle Database. The ones hired by us are experts at dealing with different Oracle versions. No matter it’s upgradation, migration, or integration related to Oracle databases and products, you can totally rely on!

PHP Developers

If you want allrounder PHP developers then can tackle any PHP-related task thrown at them in style, you’ll have to shed an exceptional amount! No worries, maintaining the expertise; we can bring you dedicated PHP developers or a whole pool of them if you want.

Drupal Developers

Are you searching for expert developers who can leverage the ultimate features of the most prolific CMS for you? Hire an expert Drupal web developer through us to create unmatched digital experiences for your customers.

SEO and SEM Experts

Just the right training isn’t enough in SEO and SEM. Success should be backing such experts, and the ones which we hire for you are loaded with the latest SEO and SEM techniques, in-depth knowledge of modern-day tools, and can bring a tremendous amount of traffic to your websites!

Microsoft Application Developers

Certified Drupal web developers hired by us have the skills necessary to deliver amazing results in Drupal module customization, Drupal template integration, Drupal theming, Drupal module development, Drupal eCommerce, Drupal CMS development, and Content Management System design.

Web Developers

Our hired employees help you to scale up your business rapidly with minimal risks and headaches by hiring dedicated web development in India to help you in designing the websites of your dream. Creating fast, secure, and smooth websites will be easy and smooth for you!

WordPress Developers

Good WordPress Developers have always been in demand. We can bring you a decent WordPress developer staff for you, which can deliver unparalleled quality at competitive pricing. Now, customize your site functionalities or simple design new ones from scratch; all is possible in less time and paying less money.

Android App Developers

How daunting is it to develop successful Android apps in today’s date, and talking about hiring the fine developers for the same is even more challenging? Swiping away all challenges, we can hire a dedicated staff of Android App Developers capable of developing even the most complex projects!

Blockchain Developers

Do you want highly proficient blockchain developers who can use blockchain technology and manage your virtual currency transactions besides various related details with ease? Wait no more to hire dedicated blockchain developers staff from us!

iPad App Developers

For any iPad App Developer, it’s pretty tough to use software tools and technologies to develop iPad apps that don’t just reach the target audience but also deeply please them. That the reason we bring you only those iPad App Developers, which qualify our talent barriers.

iOS App Developers

Want to hire dedicated iPhone app developers who can transform your ideas into reality? Want to rock the ioS app market in India as well as abroad? No worries, we hire “perfection” for you.

Swift Developers

If you want to kiss the next level of growth in the field of swift-related app development? Our hired expert Swift developers can turn your ideas into realities by creating robust and feature-rich apps for you.

Python Developers

We are among the biggest Python developers hiring agencies, and our hired experts can develop both desktop and custom web applications in Python. No matter how big your Python development project is, we can hire you an “ultimate Python developer team.”

AngularJS Developers

Our staffing solution brings you AngularJS developers who can develop secure, scalable, robust, and dynamic web applications and save more than half of your development cost.

Hire Magento Developers

If you're finding talented and proficient Magento experts, just trust our staffing service, and we make your Magento store development and multi-store development is easier than ever by bringing you the right talent.

Why Choose our Staffing Agency Over Others?

  • Expertise: Our expertise includes designing effective strategies and delivering unbelievable solutions.
  • Immense experience: We have immense experience in the recruitment industry that helps us to offer tremendous solutions.
  • Customer Satisfaction First: At TheindiaJobs, we prioritize customer satisfaction before everything.
  • Certified Professionals: Our team of certified experts deeply understand the in and out of staffing.
  • Extensive Database: We have successfully gathered a humongous database that permits us to find the right candidate with agility.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: We believe in establishing budget-friendly solutions without even a bit of quality compromise.
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