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Who Are We, And What Are All These Tips?

You are very much on-brand every day; at the very least, you’re a smart recruiter, but even more importantly, the hiring metrics process here is more than just an expense center.

It’s the foundation of all we are doing as a company. We believe that the success of Hiring and business success are linked. At a company like TheIndiaJobs, connecting people to jobs at a large scale is not just what we do in our company. It’s the basis of our business.

Our motto and guiding principle are “you are who you hire.” It’s perhaps a little cliché to state that a business is only good as the people who work there, but what we know is that for recruiters, recruiting and nurturing the most talented talent is what makes our job a more simple.

One of the most exciting things that when you are a recruiter at TheIndiaJobs.

We have the privilege of being lucky to work with the AccuWebTech team, who helped us develop our special and one-of-a-kind hiring dashboard.

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What Does That Mean?

It means we’re expanding each of our in-house Hiring teams to ensure that our employees can expand at the same pace with our technology and ensure that we can find the best talent in the right positions at the perfect time, all the time. Of course, this isn’t simple, but with the help of this dashboard, we’ve proved the old saying that Hiring isn’t rocket science.

We have a completely different approach than traditional recruitment. We’d probably do our staff and ourselves a disadvantage if we continued employing those “expected” metrics for its convenience. Since we’ve been recruiting for a long time, now at TheIndiaJobs, we recruit – and how we view hiring is completely different.

The role of this dashboard that measures vital metrics is great.

Our “Top Hiring Secrets” That We’ll Share With You Today!

Yes, we believe in a different approach and believe it works better than expectations.

Let us show you an example.

In traditional recruitment, it is common to emphasize the more conventional measures – such as the time it takes to fill, the cost for Hiring, and obviously, the ever-elusive quality of Hiring (how can such a subjective and abstract notion be evaluated? ).

None of these metrics will tell you whether your hiring procedure was effective and efficient. Rather reveal the amount we’ve spent searching for talent and the time it took for us to locate it.

At TheIndiaJobs, we have adopted a different type of data analytics that provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to recruitment and is optimized for TA results.

Internally our use of these metrics has allowed us to shift from orders-taking to business partnerships. This shift is widespread for employers implementing this method in their talent departments.

AccuWebTech Has Offered Us a “Delightful Dashboard.”

Running an HR company isn’t easy anyway. Digitization does help out. But we never expected things to get so easy for us. AccuWebTech’s expert developer team designed a special dashboard for us. Our whole team looks upon it as a boon today!

That’s the story of this special dashboard: one dashboard, numerous features, and everlasting convenience!

We bet you’d love to learn more!

The Three Metrics The Dashboard We Use:

  • Hiring Budget 

The hiring budget can be defined as the sum of all recruiting expenses associated with hiring new applicants in proportion to the total salary of newly hired employees or pay.

  • Speed of Employment

The speed of employment is one simple thing. It measures the proportion of jobs that are filled within the timeframe.

  • Hiring Score

Similar to Net Promoter Score (NPS), which evaluates customer satisfaction Hiring Score evaluates the relationship between the new hires and their jobs.

It’s not that our workdays aren’t filled with meetings or updates on the business. Like many recruiters, our employees’ schedule is typically filled with interviews for candidates. They meet with the maximum number of candidates so that they can identify the people my hiring managers require to fulfill their jobs.

As my customers, our main concern when working with hiring managers is building relationships and adding value to the business. But, we’ll admit that it’s not every day that metrics are the first thing on our agenda at every meeting.

This dashboard helps in keeping our target-related focus on track. If we don’t come across good numbers, we’ve not done the job as a recruiter and probably let down hiring managers who count on me to assist them in converting human capital into competitive advantages.

We Have a Special “Journey” Feature Added To Our Dashboard

Suppose we’re looking to find the areas of contention within our hiring process or want to streamline and simplify these procedures to increase effectiveness and efficiency. The “Candidate journey feature” is our preferred source. It is among my most frequently used visuals by us for analytical research.

This feature is the central location for tracking candidates’ progress across requisitions over time. It also allows us to present our HR Managers with the necessary information and insight they’re seeking from a true advisor to talent throughout their hiring processes.

What exactly can we personally utilize to use the Candidate journey feature? Here are examples that come to mind:

  • We can comprehend how long the typical recruiting process takes, starting with “hi to hire” for individual positions and across regions and teams. When we understand the length of time it is (at every step and in total); we’ll be able to see the areas where we can improve the process.
  • We can monitor my development over time by viewing candidate journey data. It can allow you to see the improvement you’ve made over a particular time frame or aid in redirecting your efforts.
  • As talented team leaders, we can quickly identify the jobs that require the most help or resource and the team members who might require assistance completing the tasks; this information is easily accessible on one dashboard that makes recruiting analytics simple.

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The Special Hiring-Plan Feature

The process of recruiting is a marathon, not a sprint. But unfortunately, it is often an extremely fierce race to the finish line for candidates, TAs, and hiring managers.

Losing yourself in the daily grind is easy; however, sometimes it’s necessary to take a moment and consider the fact how far you’ve come since the race and the distance you’ve remained to travel, and how long is required to get to the line.

It is where the Hiring Plan feature comes in. It’s a fantastic method to monitor the progress of hiring at a high level and instantly be aware of the state of our jobs for a specific time frame – we typically use quarterly reports on the Hiring Plan feature.

Besides that, you can drill down to look at weekly progress, quarterly or annual reports; which is a perfect way to identify the hiring business partners or managers who may require more assistance (or when we might have to intervene regarding the strategy for hiring or resource allocation).

It would help if you also got a special hiring dashboard designed by a developer.

A few of the ways we use the Hiring Plan feature throughout the entire process of recruiting are:

  • Tracking our hiring plan’s progress against the goals set by benchmarking data, relevant metrics, and actionable data shows me constantly how I’m doing in real-time.
  • It identifies the areas, requisitions, or departments that could benefit from the assistance of a professional.
  • Employing data from the previous Hiring to inform our future hiring plans and to predict how much the plans are likely to be able to inform us based on the positions we’ve been offered.
  • Knowing exactly how open positions are distributed throughout the organization and ensuring the proper allocation of resources for recruiting for the best results in recruiting.

Your Dashboard Should Have Report Builder

If you’re in recruiting, you’re likely to find that the questions you’re asked by hiring managers and other talent acquisition managers are variations of the same themes. Therefore, they should be pretty familiar.

“Where exactly do our candidates come from?”

“How do you think the application process lasts, how much time will it take to fulfill that; and how long will it take to fill that.”

“Where do we go to find applicants? What is the reason that candidates are dropping out of the application process? What could we do to remedy it?”

It’s all in the details. The solutions should be straightforward; however, producing evidence-based data and real-time analytics on these complicated and complex issues isn’t easy. It is the point at which Report Builder comes in.

Most teams receive many questions from Hiring Managers, which is not unusual. Our team utilizes Report Builder to filter down this information into easily digestible dashboards so that we can get the information needed to answer these questions in the most precise manner feasible.

Utilizing the special Report Builder system, we can create custom reports based upon required intervals such as the field of work, applicant source, or date. 

These reports are simple to import into our data visualization software to make this essential talent data more readable to understand and provide to relevant recruiters or hiring managers when required.

It Should Also Comprise Quarterly & Yearly Hiring Metrics

We often think about what we did over the last quarter, and whether our recruiter’s performance and hiring results varied from each year. Sometimes, we also compare some results against fellow recruiters in our Hiring Team.

Our recruiter members also take pride in following through with their hiring plans. However, you’ll be able to tell that they speak of the most effective plans.

By regularly checking Our quarterly and yearly analytics, when there’s any difference between recruiting outcomes; we can accurately determine what problems are one-offs or temporary issues that apply only to smaller groups and which issues require more strategic approaches.

For instance, if we had planned to employ 100 people, we only filled 92 positions; it’s not always negative. So hence, the results are proof that these hiring plans are working with short-term Hiring and driving longer-term results.

When a quarter or year is over:

we check our dashboard to check how my team is performing together in this Analytics.

Of course, everything we do in operations and strategy ensures continuous success in hiring across the hiring cycle. But, for regular reports, we’ve found that hiring speed is a particular indicator that can be the most reliable measure of how we deliver real hiring results and business value.

Find The Best Candidates

And Here, You Need to Pay Attention!

It’s a metric that’s easy to overlook, yet we’d like all HRs following TheIndiaJobs to pay attention to it. The most crucial analytical result is how effectively we can attract, select, and integrate the people our company needs to be successful globally.

Our company can survive – and even thrive in the long run if our hiring rate can keep pace with our company’s growth. It’s impossible to overstate how important speed is when supporting a business with a rapid growth rate like ours globally.

If you’re not putting the right people in critical positions when you require them; it could be a huge issue for the entire company.

There are many ways to use a specially developed dashboard for the HR company members. Following are some of the strong benefits that we have (which you can have as well) 

  • The monitoring of changes in our talent acquisition team as well as the results of our recruiting efforts over time 
  • They are carrying out any associated variance analysis that may be necessary.
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews with my supervisory supervisor and the management team from the company and demonstrating how we meet our expectations.
  • Monitoring our Hiring Score to ensure we’re continually improving the hiring managers and the newly hired experience through the process.


Suppose you’re in recruiting (particularly in a fast-growing business). In that case, you’re aware that having the information and information related to Hiring helps you be a real consultant. Business partner to the hiring manager and the leadership alike.

If you can come to the table with a solid set of information about your team’s success and hiring outcomes, instead of relying on the evidence of others and using a set of measures; you’ll be more than just a recruiter.

The use of metrics and data can help make your Hiring business more successful.

Apart from influencing business results, it’s nice to have access to your performance-related numbers.

It allows HR managers to prove that they are working to meet their goals; also have the numbers to support it at their access. Peace of mind allows them to concentrate on what is important. It includes connecting the best people to the appropriate jobs with a high degree of efficiency; on time, and on budget.

So, salute the AccuWebTech team. It has done such a decent job and provided us with a dashboard. It’s much better than several monthly-charged performance tracking-related software available.

It’s worth contacting their expert developer team if you want to enjoy yourself like us.

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