Top 10 Companies to Hire PHP Developer in 2022

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Here, we’ll discuss the Top 10 Companies to Hire PHP Developer.

Finding the location of a leading PHP service is a tough endeavor, and unless you are a seasoned recruiter, you likely will not know where to find it, which is okay! We recommend many sites to help make your searches as basic as possible!

Words can’t emphasize how convenient and efficient professional matching services, just like AccuWebTech, are for companies searching for the PHP experienced developers particular to their unique project.

Not to say a place where you already know you would find experienced technical professionals of all kinds. If you’re short on time or have no idea what you require regarding the high-quality back-end developers, search engines like AccuWebTech are the best choice!

Companies such as Baires Development, Nile Bits, Fingent, and Iflexion permit you to cast any project to a wider net.

These companies have over 300+ developers on the staff, so if you’re looking for a tinier PHP development team, you might benefit from using Digital Echidna and Urban Insight.

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These companies got a closer team, employing less than a hundred developers.

Hire PHP Developer Company in 2022: The Benefits of PHP

  • There is a humongous community of PHP developers worldwide who are individually connected. So there will always be solutions to issues while using this PHP Language.
  • It’s affordable for both huge and startup firms to hire PHP programmers. It’s better to hire any PHP developers who have deep experience rather than a newbie.
  • PHP is seamlessly utilized in any platform without any problems.
  • PHP is a pre-processor, flexible language. The flexibility of PHP helps to implement app databases and produce advanced web apps.
  • PHP could help develop more SEO-friendly applications than other languages like Perl, Ruby, etc.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire a PHP Developer

  • How much knowledge are you having in hiring a PHP developer?
  • How quickly do you require hiring a PHP development team?
  • Are you not equipped with technical test skills?
  • What kind of level of expertise do your PHP programmers require?
  • How many programmers do you require to bring on?
  • Whether or not you are open to remote workers.
  • How essential is quality to the project?
  • What are the budget constraints?

Top 10 Companies to Hire PHP Developers

1. AccuwebTech

Accuwebtech Hire PHP Developer

Suppose you want a responsive, committed, and knowledgeable team of dedicated PHP Developers for you. In that case, AccuWebtech is the ultimate choice, as there is no chance of you getting displeased with their service. 

The trust level is at the max, as they are a huge organization and can deliver phenomenal projects in no time, as their teams aren’t just skilled but huge as well!

More workforce means faster work.

The biggest specialties include:

  • Highly Detailed Web Design Proposals: This is among the major reasons AccuWebtech stands out from the crowd! You won’t find anything like them for sure. At their web design agency, they’ve created proprietary proposal software dedicatedly for our clients. The proposals carry more details than you need!
  • Robust Project Planning: their typical project checklist has many action items to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Interactive Client Portal: Project timeline, creative assets, invoices, change orders, and wireframes all come in the list of conveniences they provide. They always keep everyone in their team organized, and that’s how they deliver on time and better than expectations.

Our Verdict:

Working with AccuWebtech on your website will certainly be a wonderful experience! Their team takes your vision and transforms it into a website that by far exceeds your expectations. 

They truly understand your needs and give you lots of options to choose from besides practical ideas. Each individual you interact with has been reliable, responsive, professional, and always willing to answer the deepest and most shallow questions!

  • Hire PHP Developer – 9.9 – Definitely YES

2. Jordan Crown

Jordan-Crown Hire PHP Developer

Jordan Crown helps you with the creative process. It would be best if you gave them parameters such as your company colors and colors to avoid. Unlike other agencies, their team asks you what experience you want your end-users to have upfront. 

They deeply understand what you want to do before beginning the design phase. Several clients of Jordan Crown have invested thousands of dollars and are entirely pleased with their service! Their team’s responsive, so you never feel forgotten.

Jordan Crown delivers easy-to-use websites that which they receive extremely positive internal feedback. 

Most importantly, they are patient and adopt a more proactive approach if you give them challenging guidelines. Their strong project management skills and high-end capabilities to present information makes Jordan Crown an ideal partner.

Our Verdict:

Why is Jordan Crown on rank #2 and not on #1? Well, it’s all because of the high rates. Yes, they deliver extremely well, but it always comes at a great cost. 

On the other hand, AccuWebtech is equally dependable, while their cost is much lower than Jordan Crown. If you’re the one with heavy pockets, then you can go with Jordan Crown, but we’d recommend – “save money when you can, especially when you aren’t losing anything!”

  • Hire PHP Developer – 9.2 – YES, if you can afford

3. Pixel Crayons

PixelCrayons Hire PHP Developer

You can hire a dedicated remote PHP developers’ Pixel Crayons team with 5 years of domain expertise to create bug-free and clean PHP-based coding. 

PHP developers of Pixel Crayons follow agile and prompt development processes to lessen the time to market and deliver the project on time.

You can coordinate with the offshore PHP programmers of Pixel Crayons and complete the development team over Chat, Phone, and Skype, as per your comfort.

If you don’t like the project as per your expectation, they guarantee not to charge a penny and will refund you with your payment.

At Pixelcrayons, you can choose and hire the developers according to your taste and expertise. Besides that, you can tap the option of replacing your chosen developer if you don’t want to continue.

Pixelcrayons care about your reputation and trust level in the I.T. world, meaning that they not just take all the responsibilities for the outcome but also plan your risks much better.

Our Verdict:

Pixelcrayons’s innovation lab focuses on bringing you the infrastructure and fully dedicated PHP developers team for various R&D experiments to improve the software through proper optimization.

Their Dedicated PHP Developer team is obsessed with quality. Most importantly, every single process delivers the top quality in the industry! Yes, Pixelcrayons deserves to be in our top 3.

  • Hire PHP Developer – 9.0 Yes; it’s recommendable

4. Iflexion

Iflexion Hire PHP Developer

Iflexion is in optimizing business processes via custom software solutions since 1999, and their par success is the result of their profound expertise and experience in full-cycle custom software development, trusted communication with their partners, and dependable business commitment. 

Mobile apps, Magento eCommerce, and enterprise development are some of their specialties. With a perfectly-coordinated team of over 850 IT professionals, Iflexion serves its clients throughout the globe regardless of their operation domain, organizational specifics, and geographical location. 

The best part? Iflexion meets the I.T. needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to huge enterprises.

Their PHP coders have long experience providing optimum solutions to numerous businesses in numerous industries. Their experts have created hundreds of PHP solutions with the help of modern PHP techniques.

Our Verdict:

The entire process of hiring Iflexion for PHP development is easy and enjoyable. You’ll be coming back to Iflexion for your professional web design needs! Their PHP engineers understand the industry’s high safety and security demands and reflect their applications’ expertise.

We do recommend Iflexion, but one thing we didn’t like was that our testing team had to explain the same requirements to 3 different support members when we asked for some new changes in the project. We wish the responsiveness of their support staff gets a bit better.

  • Hire PHP Developer – 8.9 Yes, if you have straightforward projects

5. Seasia Infotech

sesia Hire PHP Developer

Seasia brings engaging, highly intuitive, and interactive user experiences and platforms focused on developing top-performance PHP development solutions. Their expert team maximizes its development process by utilizing only the latest technology to support businesses to attain their target audience.

From web development to PHP application interface building, Seasia pleases you by delivering highly detailed PHP development services. With them, you can outsource the PHP developer team, which can create customization specific to your requirements.

If your PHP project is related to Retail & eCommerce, then their developers ensure to deliver the best software solutions to wholesalers, retailers, and eCommerce companies. Most importantly, their client reviews are excellent, and all are blowing the trumpets of joy!

Our Verdict:

Talking about PHP interfaces and Custom applications, you can highly trust Seasia Infotech. They respect deadlines and your requirements and roll on the exact way you want, but still, talking about the overall performance, Seasia isn’t as good as top choices like AccuWebtech and Jordan crown!

  • Hire PHP Developer – 8.7 – Yes, but better choices are available.

6. Globant

Globant Hire PHP Developer

Globant Software is among Latin America’s leading PHP developers. Their clients include established Fortune level and fast-growing venture-backed firms. 

The audience they helped achieve the full impact of their PHP development qualities and capabilities include innovative software, developing high-quality Q.A., mobile solutions, and so on. Globant’s clients include both emerging firms and v.

Based in South America, Globant has 5 delivery centers in Latin America: 2 in Argentina (Buenos Aires and Mendoza), 2 in Peru (Lima), and 1 in Colombia (Bogota), and commercial offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Silicon Valley, New York (USA).

Their PHP developers have created thousands of financial and eCommerce applications that fully consider the importance of the data sensitivity quotient of an ever single domain. They use advanced technologies, including blockchain & AR/VR, to keep your websites and apps ahead of the competition.

Our Verdict:

Globant is a highly dependable company to consider if you’re looking to hire a PHP developer that delivers as per your requirements without making you feel bewildered in explaining your requirements long or repeatedly. 

In short, they are very understanding and well-equipped with the latest PHP technologies and tricks. We can’t complain about the pricing either. So, Globant is certainly a company worth giving a tap!

  • Hire PHP Developer – 8.5 – Yes, recommendable, but better choices are available.

7. Baires Development

BairesDev Hire PHP Developer

BairesDev has become the #1 fastest-rising outsourcing business in South America for the past 4 years. With 800+ expert developers, BairesDev is enlarging operations to the rest of the world without breaking its mission: untapped and harnessing PHP and I.T. talent in South America and becoming this region’s biggest and brightest outsourcing company.

By organizing teams of highly qualified bilingual developers in metro cities in the region, they conquered the obstacles of cultural differences with U.S. clients and time zones. They focused on delivering unmatched technological solutions to ensure rapid business growth.

Our Verdict:

While hiring online PHP programmers at BairesDev, you get programmers acknowledged for bringing your clients and website visitors a great experience and ensuring engagement, elevating your website’s or app’s overall growth.

Again, the concern here is their pricing scheme, which seems pretty painful when you look at our top choice – AccuWebTech!

  • Hire PHP Developer – 8.2 – recommendable, but there are some flaws.

8. Urban Insight

Urban-Insight Hire PHP Developer

Urban Insight was established in 1997 in Los Angeles, and this digital agency has 20 professional staff besides 500+ successful project launches. They ensure effective project leadership and strategic support based on proven and structured processes, regular feedback, and effective communications.

Urban Insight plans to develop and designs innovative PHP platforms via open-source web content management applications. Their team collaborates with you throughout the whole project, learning every detail related to your organization and designing perfect technology solutions that meet the strategic objectives you describe to them.

Our Verdict:

The team of PHP developers at Urban Insight is well-known for acknowledging the deep aspects of E-commerce, education, transportation, logistics, health, etc., industries while constructing highly innovative PHP-based web applications for this domain. 

Yes, they are highly dependable, and they assist you throughout the process is entirely appreciable.

  • Hire PHP Developer – 8.0 – Better choices are available.

9. Syberry Corporation

Syberry Hire PHP Developer

Synergy Corporation is a quality assurance and custom software development company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their team provides a wealth of business and technical expertise, with experience creating diverse software solutions for American companies in almost all industries. 

They create complex and diverse PHP, web, and mobile solutions to tackle every client’s unique software requirements.

Syberry’s clients count on the company’s superior communication, transparent pricing, and appreciable quality. Their ultimate desire to help their clients drives their work, and they target to provide clients with the most appealing results in every endeavor.

Our Verdict:

Synergy Corporation uses the latest technologies like A.I. & A.R. to create out-of-the-box PHP web applications. Our experience with Syberry Corporation was sweet, and they were good at understanding our needs and delivering as per expectations.

However, we weren’t that pleased with the time they took for our 2 revisions (which was a part of our testing with every PHP developer company).

Yes, Syberry Corporation is worth your trust, but if your project is complex and you think it requires many revisions, then you should move to companies like AccuWebTech or Jordan Crown.

  • Hire PHP Developer – 7.9 – Recommendable for straightforward projects

10. Digital Echidna

Echidna Hire PHP Developer
Digital Echidna is a highly trusted Drupal development firm (yes, an award-winner) with vast expertise and experience balancing technical. Expertise with creative talent in building and designing websites, apps, and digital platforms that provide real solutions for clients. With 80+ full-time employees working in downtown London’s heart, Canada, Digital Echidna has great experience and skillsets for culture and business, making them a trusted worldwide leader in PHP website development.

Our Verdict:

So, after reading their expertise, you may be thinking, why is Digital Echidna standing on the tenth rank in our Best Dedicated PHP Developer Company review. The main issues while working with them were complexity and lack of transparency.

Also, we can’t give a good score for pricing. We aren’t saying that Digital Echidna is not worth trying, but we mean that the top 5 companies here are much better.

  • Hire PHP Developer – 7.7 – It’s good, but much better companies are available.

Top 10 Companies to Hire PHP Developer: Informative Guide

Why Is PHP So Popular?

If you’re wondering how PHP could be the most popular programming language in the world of development and the internet or why it must be your first preference for developing a website, here you could find some interesting facts about PHP.

One of the great reasons PHP is so fabulous is that it is extremely easy to use and learn. Developing a normal website in PHP is easier than creating a resume. Special thanks to the many PHP frameworks out there; developing a website in PHP is much easier than ever has. Based on your requirement for features and functionalities, you can select from a range of top frameworks of PHP.

One more great thing about PHP is the clear and simple code that is blended with PHP’s fast compiling engine to provide the best overall performance.

Do you know “PHP is utilized by 78.9% of all the websites with a known server-side scripting language.” (Source: w3techs)

Some of the internet’s most unique websites, including Wikipedia, WordPress, Flickr, Yahoo, and Facebook, are developed on PHP. And the ideal thing is that it is free for all and isn’t reserved only for huge websites. Require more reasons to develop your next website in PHP? We hope not.

The number of websites is based on PHP only increasing daily, and the requirement for expert PHP developers is also rising. Countries like India offer talented and affordable PHP experts at more than half the cost of any developed nation.

Why Must You Hire a PHP Development Company Instead of Any Freelancer?

There are plenty of PHP development companies that provide good quality work. Before hiring a PHP development company for your selection, you must understand its disadvantages and advantages.

Best PHP Developer Jobs

Advantages of Hiring Any PHP Development Company

  • Expertise

Whenever you hire any PHP development company, you will get PHP programmers with extreme expertise in several fields of web development. Ecommerce sites, Educational portals, NGO websites, and news utilize PHP to create a better website.

  • Experience

Whenever you hire a PHP development company, you will get PHP programmers with tons of experience in this particular area of web development. There is no requirement for providing any training, and you could begin the project once an agreement has been made between you and the development company.

  • Timely Delivery

PHP development companies generally follow an established workflow. It ensures that the required product is delivered at a given time. So, hire PHP development companies with many positive reviews from past clients and ensure they can deliver your project within the defined time.

  • Certified PHP Developers

PHP developers have an ever-growing worldwide community. To hire any PHP developer who is the best from this community is a pretty tough task. But whenever you hire any PHP development company, you will get access to certified PHP developers. Before hiring a PHP developer, the PHP development companies will conduct tests and interviews to know the employee’s skill level.

  • Best Development Practices

A great PHP development company will ensure the delivery of a quality project by following ideal development practices. It comes with proper documentation, troubleshooting for errors, clean written codes, etc. The PHP development companies also utilize the newest techs in developing the PHP program.

Disadvantages of Hiring Freelance PHP Programmers

  • A client has full control over the staff working in the in-house team. However, the client has less control over any freelance PHP programmer.
  • A freelance PHP programmer without ethics will drop out of the project mid-way for a more profitable task. So it’s essential to sign contracts between the freelance PHP programmer and you.
  • There are just some freelance PHP programmers who are professionals also experienced in their area, which provides the best output. The work quality is also affected when you hire a freelance PHP programmer who doesn’t show any skill and professionalism.
  • A freelance PHP programmer may be working on multiple projects at a time. So meeting the deadlines is an issue when hiring any freelance PHP programmer.
  • There are freelance PHP programmers who post fake ratings and reviews of themselves. Confidentiality disputes and issues based on payments are issues while hiring freelance PHP programmers.

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FAQ Section

What Kind of Software Applications Could be Developed Using PHP?

Many applications like CRMs, websites, web portals, CMS, and more could develop with PHP.

How Ideal is PHP Language From a Security Point of View?

PHP offers an authentication system as a back-end server-side language. It might not be a secure programming language; however, it gives amazing features to create a secure application.

Do You Provide Discounts If We Need a Huge Team?

It depends upon the project’s size and requirements and team size. Wherever possible, we would surely provide you discounts.

Do You Offer Any Support and Maintenance?

Yes! We offer a support system, take care of everything from scratch and then take it to the end. We assist in updating the latest trends, web maintenance, and techniques so your application or website remains new.

How is Full-Time Hiring Going to Work?

With the full-time hiring, the programmer will work dedicatedly on the project and would be reporting to you about the circumstances and updates regarding your projects. The programmer will work for a total of eight hours each day, just like other full-time employees. You could contact the programmer per the needs and track the project’s progress.

How Much Will You Charge for Developing a Custom PHP Web Development?

Each client has unique expectations and requirements, so the cost of involvement in PHP web development also differs. It’s always suggested to discuss the needs with our PHP experts. Besides that, This will help the programmers to provide accurate and fair estimations for the project.

Why Hire a Dedicated PHP Programmer?

By hiring a dedicated PHP programmer, you would get quicker results. It would be a quicker delivery of the project at low investments. We advise hiring a dedicated PHP programmer who can solely work on the project and deliver fast results.

What is The Time Taken to Finish a PHP Development Project?

Offer an accurate estimate of the total duration involved in finishing the project; it’s quite necessary to take a profound look at the project’s needs. Then, our programmers could help you with a duration estimation. We believe in transparency in terms of charges and work.

The Conclusion

Our experts listed those dedicated PHP developer companies after deep research and real-life experiences. Yes, the competition is tough, but when it comes to the ease of the process, understanding, excellence, perfection, communication, and outcome, no one can beat AccuwebTech, and that’s what we recommend to you as well!

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