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What is the period for receiving gratuity?



My sister worked in a reputed company for six years. Then left the job and joined another company as a Project Manager. While she worked with her earlier company, they used to deduct some portion from her salary towards the deduction under the head of gratuity to be paid at a later time. Now after leaving that job, when my sister requested the company to release that amount, the company management has denied that was retained by the company. Is my sister eligible to obtain this amount from the company?

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Asked 11 months ago


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Aarav Answered 10 months ago

Yes, your sister is eligible to obtain a gratuity amount from the company. As per payment of Gratuity Act. a person can receive gratuity only if he has completed a minimum five years of service with an organization.

If the company denied paying a retained amount, your sister can take legal action against the organization as per Gratuity Act.

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