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Issue faced by placement companies

Hey Guys!!!

I had got several reviews from the placement agencies that they face issues validating the candidates for interviews. The candidate confirms his willingness to appear for the interview but does not attend it and then he/she avoids the phone calls from the placement company and in case if they attend the phone call then they behave rudely or give an abrupt reply. Consequently, the placement company not only looses its reputation with its client but also looses the investment that they incur in calling the candidate as well as giving him regular reminders.

Just wanted to know if anyone had a workaround or a permanent solution for this.



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Asked 16 years ago


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Jimit Answered 3 years ago

Arrange interviews with appearance expectations of 60% of candidates ...

This is a very standard ratio for average to mid-size company interview ... If company is well known you can expect 70-80% appearance ...

We practice to validate 20% additional candidates than total requirement of company.

Pankaj Answered 16 years ago


You have raised a very important query.

I am sure more or less all the placement consultants must have faced this type of problem, but I don't think there is any permanent solution to it.

This psychology has emerged due to a demand supply gap of human resource in India. It was not the case before a decade ago where in job opportunities were very less.

At that time people - especially the candidates - had a value of their words and they knew that if he had lost that opportunity there was no certainty when he would have it again. But today, each candidate knows that if he does not appear for today's interview he will certainly receive another call very soon. So fear factor is removed.

I am not telling that all the candidates are same, there are candidates who are quite sincere to their commitment and at the same time they are courteous too. But on the other hand there are candidates as you have described. This psychology could banish only when the demand supply gap narrows down.

All a placement consultant can do is to Flag such candidates under "Not to be contacted again" category or remove their names from their database. At the same time the consultant can also have it removed from the premier databases they are using.

If anyone else has any solution they are welcome to share.

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