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HR needs use its expertise to attract top talent into the profession

HR professionals are becoming increasingly proficient and creative at identifying and nurturing the gifted and talented people in their organisations. Talent management is one of the areas where HR departments offer true strategic input to the growth of the business and the achievement of corporate goals. Given this expertise, why is it that many HR leaders are so slack in applying those principles to their very own departments? What's good enough for the business should be good enough for HR, too. But, like the proverbial cobbler's children, some HR departments are running around in bare feet. Apparently only 40% of organisations include HR in their talent management programmes, according*to this week's feature on HR talent management which analyses why HR people often don't practise what they preach when it comes to attracting, developing and retaining talent in their own function. Perhaps, unsurprisingly, organisations that do take HR seriously prioritise talent...


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