7 Best Hiring Trends worth following in 2021 and beyond

Best Hiring Trends worth following in 2021 and beyond

2020 was an exceptional year, so is 2021, while 2022 will be promising to be even more challenging, innovative, and creative. The future of work is now, and HR professionals must look beyond the horizon to identify key trends in talent acquisition to survive and prosper.

People teams used to have the luxury of having time to plan, test, and adjust their approaches. Many of us now take it day by day. Ten-year plans are no longer in existence. Business as usual is not possible. Many TA groups are seeking guidance, and many HR leaders are doing similar.

We look to experts in times like these for guidance and predictions in an uncertain landscape. Here, we’re pulling on what it means for 2021 to recruit and what trends are here to stay beyond 2021. These tips will guide you through the tough shore of the continuously changing hiring market’s landscape every day.

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Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #1: Employee Engagement:

There has been an ultra-steep increase in the number of communication channels that can be used to communicate with others. This is due to the rapidly increasing demand for innovation and digitization. It doesn’t matter where you live or how far away they are. Employees using tech are happy to save time on travel and have more flexibility when working. This allows them to produce greater efficiency and output. This is why we will see more companies adopting employee-friendly policies, such as flexible office hours, work-from-home (WFH), and remote working options. This will allow for business expansion and better services to clients. The most important step in employee engagement is the tech hiring process. This is because the level of engagement will depend on the type and experience of the candidate.

Employee engagement is going to be a permanent trend for upcoming years for sure. That’s the reason the HR section of each company needs to plan out the steps to increase employee engagement.

Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #2: Cloud-based Technology:

Cloud-based technology helps to cut down on the number of people required. It makes maintenance more affordable. Cloud-based tools make administrative tasks easier, reduce paperwork, offer lots of storage space, are secure, and can be used to store a lot of data.

Cloud-based tools and technologies are great for saving time, energy, money, and effort. A cloud-based workflow management tool, for example, makes it simple to onboard candidates. It streamlines the entire process from candidate engagement through qualification and selection. Cloud-based technology tools and technologies are attractive to vendors, investors, customers, and other tech-savvy people. They are attracted to the “modern” brand.

These trends are expected to continue well beyond 2021, according to the experts. Program managers and tech recruiters have increased their responsibilities in creating highly productive teams. Companies are striving to remain agile and robust in highly competitive markets. Oto_Code and other advanced tech assessment tools make it easier for them and their teams to adapt and succeed in the new order. Oto_Code is the most comprehensive technical assessment tool in the industry, and it can be used to quickly build your tech team of smart developers. It is easy to use.

  • It saves time and ensures high-quality code.
  • This report provides crucial insight for hiring managers to make the best decisions about onboarding talent that is most suitable for their job.
  • This tool helps to evaluate any technical skill, including back-end and front-end technologies, API skills as well as database skills, Machine Learning, databases, machine learning, testing frameworks (Selenium), and many others.
  • This allows you to create a job-specific assessment and decreases your personal bias.
  • Powerful video analytics and in-depth reports are available
  • Integration with the existing ATS platform is easy and quick.
  • Automatically raises the flag if there is a violation of instructions.
  • This allows you to save money and get quick turnarounds.

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Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #3: Candidate Experience

For a long time, candidates have held power in the Indian job market. While this may be changing as the unemployment rate rises, the candidate experience is still important.

People are more likely to accept offers from you if they feel that there is a positive way to do so. In today’s market, reputation is important. This is why you should be aware of this key trend in hiring.

This is especially true because candidates have more options online to share their opinions. People are not afraid to share negative experiences on social media or on employee review sites. This could lead to people not applying for your jobs, declining interviews, or even refusing to accept your job offer.

What makes a good candidate experience? It all begins with your job advertisement. This should be written with the candidate in your mind. What do they want? What would motivate them to apply? Engaging in the language is key. Break up the copy with bullet points to make it easy to understand. Your advert will fall if it isn’t written well or makes no sense.

The next step is to consider the application process. They will likely abandon the job if they are required to go through so many hoops to express their interest, and they may not be able to get the job. They may also lose interest if they are required to go through a lot of interviews in order to get the job.

Communication is the key. See it as a relationship-building exercise. You must put in the effort to attract candidates to the job and your brand. Recognize applications and keep them updated throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to offer the job if you find someone talented enough. Don’t desire to have “a bit more.” This will help you adding speed to your hiring process and make them feel more comfortable.

Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #4: Recruiting through social media

This was a trend already in full swing before the pandemic. Social media platforms are no longer optional. Nearly 85% of companies say that they use social media to recruit. It is important to understand that potential talent will be seeking out your competitors on these social media platforms. It’s not enough to advertise a job on LinkedIn. Smart recruiters must build relationships with candidates that will enable them to engage individuals.

Companies will need to adapt their methods to source and hire the best talent in order to survive in a volatile and competitive market. However, HR strategies have become more flexible than ever, and there are many channels available for companies that are willing to put in the work.

A scattershot approach only wastes time and can lead to wasted resources. Although times have changed, the basic goal of hiring is the same: To find the best match between the company’s requirements and the candidate’s skills. Today, businesses expect to conduct a more targeted, intelligent, and sophisticated survey of potential employees than ever before.

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Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #5: Machine Learning & Automation

Machine learning and automation are two of the most important trends in hiring. They have been gaining popularity in many industries over the years. This has allowed them to take over certain tasks and improve the user experience.

Machine learning is not something that you can do by yourself in the staffing industry. It’s something industry suppliers invest in to improve user results. Resume-Library has used machine learning to increase the relevancy of job matches and drive more applicants to our client’s vacancies.

We manually rated hundreds of thousands of job postings against search terms. Then, this information was fed into a machine that can apply the logic to all jobs on the site. This ensures candidates receive the most relevant results.

Resume screening is another popular way companies incorporate machine learning and automation into their hiring processes. Screening is just one area of the hiring process that takes time and effort.

Machine learning can also be applied to many other areas. Assessment tools, for example, can be used to assess whether someone is a good fit for your company or team and if they are able to perform the job.

There are also tools that can be used to help candidates engage. Chatbots are useful in answering applicants’ questions and keeping them informed about the status of their applications. Employers and candidates can save time and effort by using interview scheduling tools.

It is worth looking at which areas of your process could be streamlined and how you can achieve this. You might also need investing in new technologies.

Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #6: Adopt Diversity Hiring Goals

Diversity initiatives were a major focus in 2020, and not only in the contexts of employment but also as a social movement. Jobvite surveyed a majority of companies and found that 22% identified diversity as their top goal.

This topic is attracting increasing interest from candidates. 1/3 of recruiters believe that more applicants are interested in diversity and inclusion programs than the previous year.

Diversity-based organizations are more creative and more profitable than those with homogenous backgrounds. But that’s just one benefit to setting and working towards diversity hiring goals. It’s possible to stay competitive in tech fields, where it has become increasingly difficult to find top talent.

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Best Hiring Trends of 2021 #7: Remote Interviews for Remote Positions

Interviewing has changed significantly in the past year, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. While 77% of recruiters believe that in-person interviews are the best way to hire a candidate, 61% believe that video interviews will become the standard interview method.

Although most hiring managers are comfortable with video interviews, there are still some challenges. Video interview complaints include poor connectivity, inappropriate attire, and lack of eye contact.

Companies are seeking to fill positions in remote areas. A third of recruiters say that the majority of the roles they are hiring for are offshore. Between 25 to 50% of the positions can be taken on board without the employee ever having to visit the company’s headquarters. This can be crucial in some cases when a candidate is deciding whether or not to accept a job.

The final word

The staffing landscape is changing, from new technology to social trends shifting; It’s changing faster than ever before. Ready to take the next step? Do you have the infrastructure to keep up with changing times?

Keep ahead of the hiring curve. The dedicated team of professionals at TheIndiaJobs is available to help you with your 2021 staffing needs Needs.

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